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Free Woodworking Plans

At our goal is to point you to Free Woodworking Plans that you can use to build your own woodworking projects. At the moment we point you to over 700 Free Plans.

To see a list of all the free plans go to: Otherwise just scroll down this page and see what strikes your fancy. Have fun and Happy Woodworking!
New Woodworking Plan Pages
Chicken Coop Plans Photo
Build a unique Chicken Coop with one of these 20 plans. Also I have some good Chicken House Resources.
Shoe Rack Plans Picture
Find a great way to organize your shoes with one of these Shoe Rack Plans. We found over 15 plans to look at.
Murphy Bed Plans Photo
Do you need to free up some space in your home? Build a space saving Murphy Bed with one of these plans.
Easel Plans Photo
Find a great easel you can build yourself including childrens, display, artists easels and more.
Bike Rack Plans Image
Do you need a Bike Rack to storage your families collection of bikes? Try one of these 10 free plans.
Deck Plans Photo
Build a great Deck with one of these 30 deck plans. See the videos from Home Depot and Lowes, too.
Adirondack Chair Plans Photo
Build this great outdoor chair with over 30 designs to choose from.
Planter Bench Plans Image
Planter Benches are great for your backyard and patio. Look at these 15 plans.
Sawhorse Plans Image
Over 35 Sawhorse Plans with classic, folding, knockdown, stackable and other designs.
Golf Bag Storage Plans Picture
Create a nice hutch to store your Golf Bag and accessories with these Golf Bag Storage Rack Plans.
High Chair Plans Image
Does your child need a good chair to sit in while eating? Why not create the perfect High Chair for them.
Changing Table Plans Image
These Baby Changing Table Plans include some simple plans and we include some plans to create an heirloom.
Storage Bed Plans Picture
If you need some extra storage in your bedroom why don't you build one of these 20 Storage Beds and save some space.
Daybed Plans Image
A Daybed can be used as a sofa during the day and for sleeping at night. Another great space saver you can build.
Flag Display Case Plans Photo
Use one of these plans to display your flag in a decorative manner. There are 8 plans to choose from on this page.
Indoor Putting Greens Photo
Why not practice your golf put inside by building one of these 5 Indoor Putting Green Plans.
Cookbook Holder Plans Photo
Make one of these 6 attractive wooden Cookbook Holders with one of these free plans.
Golf Ball Display Cases Picture
Do you have a large collection of logo golf balls? Build a nice Golf Ball Display case and display them all.
Most Popular Woodworking Plan Pages
Bird House Plans Picture
Over 40 plans to choose from you can find the perfect Bird House for your feathered friends.
Pergola Plans Image
Build your own backyard Pergola with one of these 14 free pergola plans. Don't miss the video.
Swing Set Plans Picture
Do you need a swing set for the kids? Look no further. We list 12 interesting plans to choose from.
Gazebo Plans Picture
What a fun project for your backyard. Build a Gazebo with one of these 12 free plans.
Shed Plans Photo
Do you need a shed? Check out over 45 Shed Plans including Garden Sheds, Tool Sheds, etc.
Bunk Bed Plans Image
Great space saver, a Bunk Bed can add significant space to your children's small bedroom.
Garden Shed Plans Picture
With over 20 plans to choose from you can find the perfect Garden Shed for your property.
Privacy Fence Plans Photo
Do you want some privacy in your backyard? Make a Privacy Fence with one of these 20 plans.
Arbor Plans Picture
Add an interesting Wooden Arbor to your yard. There are 20 Free Arbor Plans on this page.
Bat House Plans Picture
Do you like bats? Do you want them to help control insects around your house? Build a Bat House then ;-)
Woodshed Plans Image
Need to store some wood for this winter. Build a Wood Shed with one of these 6 plans.
Bird Feeder Plans Photo
We list over 50 plans including Hopper Feeders, Platform Feeders, Suet Feeders and many more…

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