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A Frame House Plan with Deck

Free A Frame House Plan with a Deck. An A-Frame Cabin is well known as a vacation home in the mountains. The first floor of this 24 by 24 foot house has a living / dining room that run the entire width of the cabin with storage areas on both sides. The cabin kitchen at the back of the first floor contains a refrigerator, a range, a sink and wall and base cabinets.  There are ship ladder stairs that take you to a second floor with two bedrooms. A dormer style window adds natural light and ventilation to the second floor. There is a bathroom with a shower on the first floor with a large storage closet. Another large storage closet is behind the refrigerator on the first floor. This A-Frame Cabin Plan includes an attractive 12 x 16 front deck with railing for some fun outdoor entertaining.  The plan is from the US Department of Agriculture, U of Maryland, LSU, NDSU, MSU and was developed in 1966. See links below for PDF of cabin plans.

A Frame House Plan
A Frame House Plan View

Good Quality Version PDF from NDSU
A Frame House Plan - 0.29MB

Fair Version PDF from LSUAgCenter
A Frame House Plan - LSU - 0.11MB

Good Quality Version PDF from MSU
A Frame House Plan - MSU - 0.50MB
A Frame Home Plan Design
A Frame Home Plan Design Front View

A Frame Cabin Plan
A Frame Cabin Back View

A Frame House Blueprint
A Frame House Left View

A Frame Floor Plan
A Frame Floor Plan

A Frame 2nd Floor Plan Design
A Frame Cabin 2nd Floor Plan

A Frame Cabin Cross Section
A Frame Cabin Cross Section

A Frame House Publication
A Frame Cabin Publication - US Department of Agriculture

These plans are conceptual in nature. Check your building codes and get competent professional advice before using. Use at your own risk.
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