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Free Adirondack Chair Plans

We have over 30 Adirondack Chair Plans listed here. Designed in the early 1900s the Adirondack Chair is the classic outdoor rustic wooden chair. These are very comfortable chairs to make for your backyard or patio. The Muskoka Chair is another name for this chair named by the Canadians after the summer vacation cottage district in Ontario Province Canada.

One of the easiest designs to build comes from Rita and Cane and is make of cedar fence boards. This Adirondack is light, large and comfortable. See the plan titled Easy DIY Cedar Adirondack Chair.

An attractive plan comes from and has a great 4:01 minute video in addition to the detailed instructions, patterns, step by step instructions and photos. See the video below titled Adirondack Inspired Chair.

With over 30 designs to look at I hope you find the perfect chair to build.
Easy DIY Cedar Adirondack Chair Image
An inexpensive outdoor chair made from cedar fence boards. The author has 8 step by step instructions with clear, expandable construction photos. A great simple plan for the DIYer.
Build an Adirondack Chair Image
Stylish, comfortable chair with a straight back comes from Ana White. This affordable Adirondack chair design has photos, diagrams and good written instructions.
Popular Mechanics
How to Build an Adirondack Chair Photo
Easy to follow cedar Adirondack chair project with step-by-step instructions, excellent construction photos, materials list and a PDF plan of the chair and Adirondack table.
DIY Adirondack Chair Picture
Well laid out plan with 7 detailed illustrations (double click his illustration for larger image), written instructions and materials list. There is no picture of finished chair just CAD drawings.
Adirondack Chair and Loveseat Image
Create this Adirondack chair and matching loveseat from these Family Handyman plans. Good construction photos, diagrams, and written instructions help you make this fine chair.
Adirondack Chair Pattern Picture
Build this gorgeous outdoor chair with full-size printable patterns. Cindy includes a supply list, large templates, detailed construction pictures with comments and a document with the template dimensions.
Adirondack Rocking Chair Picture
Here’s a great rocking chair that is made of composite wood. With 34 cut pieces, this project will take a while to cut and build.
Updated Adirondack Chair Design Picture
This easy to follow design has the classic contoured seat, curved back and wide armrests. The author has made this chair less bulky and more sleek and stylized.
Double Folding Adirondack Chair Image
Build this two person Adirondack chair that folds for storage from these plans at Good diagrams, photos and instructions.
Adirondack Inspired Chair
 by Lowes

The above 4:01 minute video on this inspired chair from, has good instructions on building this chair. This Adirondack Chair has a 5% pitch which less than a normal Adirondack so you sit a little more upright and it is easier to get in an out of. The project diagrams, materials, tools and cutting list, are on the site at: Adirondack Inspired Chair from Lowes - Building Resources.
Gorgeous Outdoor Muskoka Chair Picture
This classic cottage chair has offset arms making it easier to get in and out of the chair. This project has detailed plan drawings, tools and materials lists, and written instructions.
Jakes Adirondack Chair Picture
Jake’s chair is an attractive, sturdy, backyard chair. This chair took the author 37 hours to build so please be prepared for a major project. See the plans link on his site for more detailed pictures and instructions.
Double Adirondack Glider Chair Photo
A detailed Adirondack Loveseat Plan from This plan has an eight page PDF with detailed diagrams, and 10 pages of instructions with photos. This project is a bit complicated.
Westport Chair Design Picture
Create this precursor to the Adirondack Chair designed in 1903. This chair is more rustic and less refined than it's sibling but still an attractive addition you your porch.
Popular Mechanics
Adirondack Furniture Set Picture
Popular Mechanics has this great lawn furniture set that includes an Adirondack Chair, and Adirondack Settee, and a nice table. Good drawings, Materials list and written instructions.
Mahogany Curved Back Adirondack Chair Photo
This article was written by a full time furniture builder from Maine. There are good photos, an exploded illustration of the design but no templates or materials list.
Adirondack Chair Picture
Here is a 10 page PDF design for the classic outdoor chair with illustrations, cut list, templates and building instructions. They also include a basic design for an Adirondack Footrest, too.
Classic Adirondack Chair Picture
Build this classic Adirondack chair with these free professional plans from The eight page plan has templates, illustrations and instructions. They said his plan is for intermediate to advanced woodworkers.
Redwood Adirondack Chair Photo
Build this attractive redwood chair with plans from the California Redwood Association. This 5 page PDF runs you through this construction project with good illustrations, 6 step-by-step instructions and a material list.
How to Build an Adirondack Chair
  by Ana White & Home Depot

Ana White Adirondack ChairWhat a gorgeous and inexpensive chair to build. Ana White take you though the building process in the above 4:50 minute video on Building an Adirondack Chair for Home Depot. After you have watched the video then go to the 12 page PDF Ana has created that has a shopping list, cut list, tool list, chair dimensions, detailed step-by-step illustrations all with written instructions. It looks like a really fun project for the whole family. Find these great plans at:
Ana White's Adirondack Chair Plans (PDF)
Ana White's Adirondack Footstool Video
Ana White's Adirondack Footstool Plans (PDF)
Ana White's Adirondack Coffee Table Video
Ana White's Adirondack Coffee Table Plans (PDF)
Lakeside Lazyboy Photo
Muskoka Settee Photo
Wood Lawn Chair Picture
Adirondack Chair Picture
Adirondack Chair Picture
Adirondack Table Plans Picture
Diy Adirondack Chair Image
Jakes Chair Cad Drawings Photo
How to Make a Cape Cod Chair

The above 4:46 minute video goes with the 12 pages of instructions on the website. This chair is bigger and more sturdy than most similar Adirondack designs. Les has downloadable patterns, construction photos, materials and cutting lists on his site: How to Build a Cape Code Chair.

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