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Free Aquarium Stand Plans

We point to over 15 Free Aquarium Stand Plans. These designs include a 55 Gallon Aquarium Stand Plan, a DIY Oak Aquarium Cabinet, How to Build an Aquarium Stand, a 135 Gallon Reef Aquarium Stand, 8 Free Aquarium Plans with Stands, a 120 Gallon Fish Tank Stand with a Hood from Lowes Creative Ideas, a Small Aquarium with Aquarium Table Plan and many more great Aquarium Stand Designs and Ideas.

55 Gallon Aquarium Stand Plans Picture

This Aquarium Cabinet Project from has 6 project diagrams, over 20 construction photos, a tools and materials list and lots of written instructions. The article is 4 pages long and shows you how to build the frame and the finished exterior and doors. Overall a very nice project.

Large Aquarium Stand Calculator Image

The Geothermal Aquaculture Research Foundation (GARF) has a great calculator to assist you in building your own aquarium stand. These plans allow you to custom build your stand for aquariums up to 500 gallons. The stand has a wooden frame and a removable facade. The frame is build with 3/4 inch plywood using lamination beams and the aquarium facade is made of plywood and lumber. They also have a high profile canopy calculator and a low profile canopy calculator.

DIY Oak Aquarium Cabinet Picture has this nice Oak Aquarium Stand you can build yourself. They use 3/4 inch Oak plywood throughout this plan. The basic plan outlined in this article supports a 150 Gallon Aquarium. They have lots of nice graphics (see link below) including detailed plywood cutout diagrams, illustrations of the cabinet from the front, top, and end, and many good finished cabinet photos. They have a materials list, a tools list, and some written instructions.

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DIY Oak Aquarium Canopy Photo

This Aquarium Light Hood goes with the Aquarium Cabinet Plan above from This Fish Tank Hood was created for a 48 inch by 18 inch Aquarium. The canopy is made out of Oak Plywood. They have a good diagram of the canopy, a tools and materials list, a cutting diagram and some written instructions.

135 Gallon Reef Aquarium Stand Construction Picture

This Reef Tank Stand can hold a 135 Gallon Saltwater Aquarium. This stand is 72 inches long, 28 inches high and 18 inches deep. ( Measurements of the Frame Only) This frame uses 2x4 frame lumber and 3/4 inch plywood for the frame top. This is a basic frame design and does not have plans for the finished wood exterior or the doors.

75 Gallon Aquarium Stand Plans Picture

This is a good article on constructing a custom stand for a 75 Gallon Fish Aquarium. The author has a tools list, a detailed material list, 24 construction photos and detailed written instructions.

Free Aquarium Plans Photo

These 8 Aquarium & Stand Plans cover a wide range of aquariums. They include Classic 18.5 & 37 Gallon Aquariums, Half Hexagon 8, 17.2 & 31.7 Gallon Aquariums, and Pentagon 8, 14.5 & 29 Gallon Aquariums. These are quality detailed free plans with cutting diagrams, countless illustrations and blueprints and written instructions.

How to Build an Aquarium Stand Photo has this article on Building an Aquarium Stand. The article has 5 construction photos, and a finished stand photo. The author takes you through the steps for constructing an aquarium stand. This article does not have any detailed illustrations or lumber lengths. You will need to build this from the pictures and the written instructions.

Aquarium Stand Design Calculations Photo

The forum has a great forum post titled DIY Stands Template and Calculator this 92 page post is filled with commentary and photos of people building aquarium stands. The highlight of the post is from RocketEngineer who gives you a diagram and instructions on calculating the required lumber pieces to build a stand sized to your fish tank. Be sure to read at least posts 3-5.

Aquarium Cabinet Design Photo

The author built this aquarium cabinet for her 55 gallon fish tank. This plan has 21 photos with brief building instructions but does not have dimensions or a material list. She used 2x2s for frame and plywood for the doors and cabinet surface.

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40 Gallon Fish Tank Stand Plans Image

This Fish Tank Stand Design is used to support a 40 Gallon Aquarium that is 36 1/2 x 15 1/2 x 17 inches. The article has 5 design illustrations, 5 photos of the finished stand and some written instructions. You will need to create your own materials list for this stand.

DIY Aquarium Canopy Picture

This Simple Aquarium Hood allows you to keep your lighting out of sight. There are no dimensions with this plan so you can make it to fit your specific Aquarium. This is a short article with a good diagram and 5 step-by-step instructions.

Double 55 Gallon Aquarium Stand Picture has this aquarium stand plan for two 55 gallon aquariums. The author has two drawings of the stand with a plywood cutting diagram, tools and lumber cutting list, 9 construction pictures and written instructions along the way. This stand is just the frame and does not include instruction for putting a finished exterior on the stand.

Build a Small Aquarium and Table Picture

Popular Science has a 1924 article titled "Easily Built Aquarium and Stand". The article discusses building a glass sided aquarium that is around 16 gallons with a wooden table stand for it. There are detailed diagrams for the aquarium table and the glass aquarium in this one page article.

1500 Gallon Aquarium Plan Photo

I put this last aquarium plan from mainly for fun. This is an amazing project that the author lays out over a 48 page PDF with over 70 great construction photos and useful running commentary on how he did it. He discusses building the aquarium, building the sump, laying out the plumbing and installing the radiant heat. Wow what a great fishtank!!


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