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We have 19 Free Arbor Plans listed here. These Arbor Designs include Garden Arbors, a Cedar Arbor Plan, How to Build an Arbor, DIY Arbors, a Grape Arbor Plan, Do-it-Yourself Arbor Designs, Wooden Arbor Plans, How to Make an Arbor, Wedding Arbor Ideas and many other Arbors that you can build yourself.

Build a Garden Arbor Image

This attractive Garden Arbor Plan comes from Popular Mechanics. This Simple DIY Arbor Woodworking Project is a classic white latticed arched gateway that you could use as a Wedding Arbor. These free plans are missing a materials list and are for intermediate woodworkers. They do include many great arbor building pictures, and some instructions. Look to the link below for a downloadable PDF with a detailed diagram that you can make your own materials list from.

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Cedar Arbor Plan Image

This Cedar Oriental Arbor is free standing and will be an attractive addition to any garden. This arbor plan is well laid out with a materials list, a cut list, a good diagram and 8 arbor construction pictures with detailed written instructions. Overall a great arbor project for the intermediate woodworker.

DIY Garden Arbor Bench Picture

This Do-it-Yourself Garden Arbor Bench Plan is from Sunset Magazine and is estimated to cost around $300 for materials. On three pages they layout a material list, a tools list, detailed instructions and some nice illustrations for this DIY arbor woodworking project.

How to Build an Arbor Picture

This free Arbor Plan comes from BuildEazy.com describes How to Build an Arbor with some nice pictures, a lumber list, arbor building instructions and great arbor diagrams over 4 pages.

Build a Swing Arbor Picture

This Swing Arbor Plan from Lowes.com would be an fine addition to your garden. These arbor plans are just for the arbor that the swing sits in and not the swing. You will need to find other swing plans. In this free arbor plan Lowes gives you a tools & materials list, several good construction pictures, instructions and a cut list at the bottom of the page.

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Arbor Bench Plans Photo

This Garden Arbor Plan with a built in bench is from DIY Network. The plans are short and simple. There is a great construction video at the top of the page.They have a nice picture of this handsome wood arbor with a materials list and building instructions.

Do-it-Yourself Arbor Design PDF Picture

This DIY Arbor Design from Georgia Pacific is a simple Garden Arbor for hanging plants or growing vines. In this free pdf plan they give a materials list and two diagrams. This intermediate woodworking project plan has minimal instructions and is mainly the diagrams.

Wooden Arbor Plan PDF Image

This Gorgeous Wooden Trellis Arbor Plan is very detailed and would make a great addition to your garden. This wood arbor plan is in metric. It comes in a free 31 page PDF. There is a link below that goes to a summary webpage about this woodworking project.

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Garden Arch Arbor Plan PDF Image

This Garden Arch Arbor Design from the Western Red Cedar Lumber Association would be a simple yet elegant addition to your garden. Look on page 9 of this brochure to find detailed illustrations, a cut list, and a tools list. Although this arbor plan is brief it should be enough for an experienced woodworker.

Arbor Gate Plan PDF Image

This Arbor Gate from Rona.ca has detailed instructions and a great PDF with drawings, and a materials list. This arbor is 84 1/2 inches tall, and 24 1/2 inches deep. There are two 24 by 15 inch benches on either side of the arbor backed with latticework. Finally there are two swinging doors made with multiple 1 by 4 inch planks. I would say this is an intermediate to advanced woodworking project.

Build a Grape Arbor Picture

This article on Building a Grape Arbor from HGTV.com gives an experienced woodworker a rough plan on a Grape Arbor Project. There is no materials or cut list but the author walks you through what you will need and what to do with some construction pictures and a discussion about what grape vines to use in this project. The link below discusses Building an Arbor in more detail with more pictures. So I think these two articles together make a nice plan.

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Gothic Arbor with Gate Plan PDF Image

This Gothic Gated Arbor Project is from a Western Red Cedar Lumber Association Brochure on pages 14-16. They include many detailed diagrams, a materials list, some recommended tools, and instructions. This is a gated arbor with a curved top and would look nice in your backyard. This arbor plan is fairly complicated and probably would take an experienced woodworker to build.

Garden Wooden Arbor Building Plans Picture

This step by step plan on How to Build a Cedar Arbor for your Garden or Yard is from Ron Hazelton. He has eleven instruction steps and a detailed project video to fill in all the specifics. This cedar arbor has two benches.

Garden Arbor Plans Image

This unique Garden Arbor Design from Western Red Cedar Lumber Association has an attractive design with a gate. This woodworking plan is on page 7 & 8 of the 33 page brochure and has a materials list, recommended tools, and instructions. The best part of this garden arbor plan is the detailed illustrations with numbered parts and diagrams.

Wooden Arbor with Lattice Plan PDF Photo

This Flat Top Arbor with a Lattice has very detailed plans on a free 41 page pdf. All the measurements for this wooden arbor are in metric. This Arbor is a great structure for climbing plants like ivy, rose or evergreen lonciera. The link below is their summary page about this arbor.

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Traditional Arbor Plan Image

Easy, attractive arbor plan in a 7 page PDF. Materials list diagrams and instructions with photos make this useful and fun. (PDF is at bottom of their page.)

Large Rose Arbor Plan Image

I really like this arbor. It is big and bold with lots of room underneath like a pergola. The author has good written instructions and over 25 construction pictures.

Simple Garden Arbor Photo

Attractive Garden Arbor with many diagrams, materials list and instructions. I like the arched top and the author has a cutting diagram for this feature.

Sturdy Arbor Design Photo

This heavy duty arbor from FineGardening.com is eye catching and inexpensive. There are nice construction photos, diagrams and a materials lists.

Rustic Arbor Ideas Photo

Better Homes and Gardens has 9 Rustic and Simple Arbor Ideas just click through the pictures. There are 4 arbor designs that are made out of logs and branches. They look like a fun projects. These ideas are just pictures but they give you some good designs to work up yourself.

Wedding Arbor Ideas Image

There are many arbor designs on this page that can be used for Building a Wedding Arbor. I link to google images for many ideas for using an arbor at your wedding.