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We have over 22 Bat House Plans discussed on this page. These Bat House Plans include: a Large Bat House Plan, a Single Chamber Bat House, a Four Chamber Bat Box Plan, three Rocket Bat Box Plans, a Bat Condo for 6,000 bats, a 14 and 7 Chamber Bat Box Plans with a metal shell, a Beginner's Bat House Plan, a few Small Bat House Plans and about 10 other designs. So take a look. We hope you find the bat house plan you are looking for.

Large Bat House Plan Photo

This bat house plan is large six chamber plan from the Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Center, located in Jamestown, North Dakota.

Single Chamber Bat House PDF Image

This single chamber bat house plan is from Bat Conservation International and is wall mounted. They suggest that if you want a larger bat house you can just ratio this one and make it larger.

Medium Four Chamber Bat Box Plan PDF Picture

This bat box plan is medium four chamber plan from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

Rocket Bat Box Plan Picture

General plans for making a Rocket Bat Box. This box was created by J. MacGregor and D. Dourson of the Daniel Boone National Forest.

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Three Chamber Bat Box PDF Picture

Pennsylvania Game Commission has this free small bat house plan pdf. Small Three Chamber Bat House.

Do it Yourself Bat House from Carlsbad Caverns NP Picture

The Carlsbad Caverns National Park has a great do-it-yourself bat house. They give pictures and detailed instructions on how to build a small bat house that will accommodate 30-50 bats.

Bat House - Bird House Combination Picture

An interesting combination bird house and bat house. I have two links on the next page one if for the picture and one is for the directions of building this combination bat house - bird house..

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Rocket Bat Box Design Carlsbad Caverns NP Photo

The rocket bat house design is very interesting. The this rocket box bat house is built on a post. Carlsbad Caverns National Park put this plan up on their site.

Rocket Bat Box Two Chamber Picture

This Rocket Bat Box has three shells. An outer shell, an inner shell and the pole sleeve. You can use a wood or metal pole for this one.

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Bat Condo for over 6,000 Bats Picture

If you need to move a large bat colony this Bat Condo is for you. The Pennsylvania Game Commission designed this roost that can house more than 6,000 mother bats and their young. See plans below.

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14 Chamber Bat Box with Metal Shell PDF Image

The Pennsylvania Game Commission has a general plan for building a 14 chamber bat house in a metal shell. See this pdf for the instructions and diagrams on building this bat house to accommodate up to 600 bats.

7 Chamber Bat House with Metal Shell PDF Photo

The Pennsylvania Game Commission also has a general plan for creating a 7 chamber bat box in a aluminum shell. This bat house can accommodate a colony of about 300 bats. This pdf has this bat house plan with general instructions and diagrams.

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Details on Building a Small Bat House Picture

The National Wildlife Federation has a nice do it yourself page on how to build your own Bat House. They give detailed instructions on building a Bat Conservation International Small Economy Bat House. This has pictures and detailed instructions every step of the way.

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Bat House Construction Project Image

This is an interesting page with general instructions on building a bat house. There are lots of pictures showing the construction of a bat house.

Bat House Construction and Installation PDF Photo

University of Nebraska published this pdf which has one chamber bat house plan, discusses creating a mounting board and pole installation and gives some advice about Bat House Placement. Bat House Construction and Installation.

Large Nursery Bat House PDF Picture

This is a great bat resource from Penn State University. In the back of this 28 page pdf there is a small bat box plan for about 50 bats page 18, a small maternity colony bat box for about 150 bats page 19 and a large maternity colony bat box for bat colonies of around 150-300 bats page 20.

1 & 4 Chamber Bat House Plans PDF Image

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources has great detailed directions for building a one chamber and a 4 chamber bat house.

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Four Chamber Bat House Image

The Missouri Department of Conservation excerpted and summarized this 4 chamber bat house from the Bat House Builder's Handbook 1996.

Two Chamber Rocket Bat House PDF Photo

The Maryland Department of Natural Resources has a free construction plans for a two-chamber rocket box. Also check out the link to the diagram of the Rocket Bat Box. This plan comes from Bat Conservation International also.

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7 Chamber Nursery Bat Box PDF Photo

The Pennsylvania Game Commission has this pdf on building a large nursery bat house.

Ducks Unlimited Canada Small Bat House Plan PDF Picture

Ducks Unlimited Canada has a small economy bat house plan that is easy to build.

Small Bat House Plan Image

This bat house plan is a four chamber plan from the Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Center, located in Jamestown, North Dakota.