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Bat Houses

We have 4 pages on our site about bat houses. First we point to over 20 Bat House Plans on our Free Bat House Plans page. We also have pages discussing Bat House Kits, Bat Houses to Buy and Bat House Resources.

Free Bat House Plans

Free Bat House Plans

We have over 20 Free Bat House Plans for you to look at. These Bat House Plans include small one chamber bat houses, large seven chamber bat houses, rocket style bat boxes and even a 14 chamber 600 bat nursery bat house.

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Bat House Kits

Bat House Kits

An easy way to build a bat house is to start with a bat house kit. On this page we list several bat house kits from a single chamber to a three chamber that can handle around 100 bats.

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Bat Houses for Sale

Bat Houses for Sale

Well the easiest way to own a bat house is just to buy a quality built bat house. The bat house on this page come from builders who follow Bat Conservation International's Guidelines for a quality bat house.

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Bat House FAQs

Bat House Resources

Many other questions are answered here like how to install a bat house, how to attact bats to a bat house, installing a bat house on a building, bat fun facts, what types of bat might be in your bat house and humane ways to get bats out of your house.

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