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Free Bird House Plans

We point to over 40 Free Bird House Plans. This includes 6 Purple Martin House Plans, 9 Bluebird House Plans, some Wren House Plans, a Wood Duck House Plan, a couple of Nesting Platforms for Geese, Ducks, Robins and many other Bird House Designs and Plans.

Free Bluebird House Plans

Bluebird House Plans

Bluebirds are cavity nesters and rely on old woodpecker holes, natural holes in trees and man made bird houses for nesting. We currently have about 9 Free Bluebird House Plans. These wooden bird house plans include How to Build a Bluebird House, Eastern Bluebird House Plans, a Peterson Blue Bird House Plan and many others.

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Martin House Plans

Purple Martin House Plans

Purple Martins are interesting birds to have around. In our Free Purple Martin House Plans section we list 6 Martin House Plans. These Martin plans include a 12 room two story Purple Martin House, an article on Building a Purple Martin Gourd House, a Swiss Chalet Decorative Purple Martin House and several other interesting Purple Martin House Designs.

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Wren Bird House Plans

Wren Bird House Plan

This wooden bird house plan works for House Wrens, Black-capped Chickadee, and the White-breasted Nuthatch. The entrance hole diameter will need to be 1 1/8" for the House Wren Bird House and the Chickadee bird house. The Nuthatch bird house entrance hole will need to be 1 1/4".

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Bird House Plans

Bird House Plans

The Ohio Department of Natural Resources has this nice 24 page PDF titled "Attracting Birds." They discuss bird houses, bird feeders, and attracting birds to your yard. Ohio DNR has over 10 Bird House Designs including a Winter Roosting Box, a Purple Martin House, a Wood Duck Nest Box, Tree Swallow House Plans, Wren House Plans, a Screech Owl House and a chart of bird house dimensions and birdhouse placement. They also have 5 Bird Feeder Plans in this publication.

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Bird House Designs

Bird House Designs

The Cornell Lab of Ornithology has a great page on Nest Box Plans. The Cornell Lab lists over 10 Birdhouse Plans on their page including several Chickadee Bird Houses, an Eastern Bluebird House, a Flicker Box, a Barn Owl House, a Barred Owl House, some Wood Duck House Plans and more birdhouse designs and ideas. Cornell Labs also has 3 Predator Guard Plans and don't miss their Features of a Good Nest Box and Tips on Nest Box Placement sections at the bottom of the page.

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Birdfeeder Plans Photo

Simple Bird House Plans

Bird Houses for Songbirds is an 8 page PDF from the Alabama Cooperative Extension. They have 2 Bird House Plan Designs and a chart that allows you to adjust the the nest box dimensions, heights, bird entrance diameter and the box height off the ground. These birdhouse designs will work for 18 types of birds. Some of the more popular birds you can build these bird houses for are Eastern Bluebirds, Chickadees, Crested Flycatchers, Tufted Titmice, House Wrens, White Breasted Nuthatches, Phoebes, Barn Swallows, Pileated Woodpeckers, Red-Headed Woodpeckers and there even is a Purple Martin House Plan on page 5.

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American Robin Bird House Plan

American Robin Bird House Plan

This is actually more a bird shelf than a bird house. This American Robin Shelf Plan can also be used for Barn Swallows. For the American Robin this shelf can be placed on the wall near a window of your house so they can be observed during nesting season. Also this shelf can be placed 6 to 10 feet above the ground on a tree or a post. If Barn Swallows are building nests under your eaves this bird shelf plan can be used to encourage them to nest away from your house.

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small bat box

Northern Flicker Nest Box

The Northern Flicker is a common woodpecker throughout the US. Flickers like to nest in dead or diseased cottonwood, pine or willow trees and excavate their nest. The Northern Flicker is more likely to use your nest box if you fill it with sawdust so they can then excavate it. Northern Flicker Nest Boxes should be placed 4 to 6 feet high on a post.

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Bat House Contruction and Installation

American Kestrel Bird House Plans

This American Kestrel Bird House Plan can also be used for the Northern Screech Owl. Kestrel's are attracted to bird houses placed in a relatively open grassy habitat on a post or tree around 10-30 feet high. Screech Owls Boxes should be placed at least 10 feet off the ground adjacent to fields or wetlands along the edges of hardwood forests.

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Bat House Contruction and Installation

Burrowing Owl Nest Tunnel

A Burrowing Owl Nest Tunnel is an interesting twist on a bird house, it is underground. Burrowing Owls favor areas with short grass where visibility is good. If putting the nest tunnel in pastures that are grazed by horses or cattle you will need to use heavier lumber since the horses or cattle will be stepping on it. Choose sites that are high and well drained. To simulate natural dens build a mound of dirt around the entrance.

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Wood Duck House

Wood Duck House

This Wood Duck Box also works for the Hooded Merganser. Wood Duck Boxes should be placed in a woodland habitat within one-half mile of a wetland or over water. Female Wood Ducks will be leading their chicks to water so the path to water should be free of obstacles like streets, tightly woven fences or highways. Wood Duck Houses placed on posts over water should be at least 6-8 feet above the water. A Wood Duck House placed in woodland habitat should be at least 20 feet high.

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Pileated Woodpecker Bird House Plans

Pileated Woodpecker Bird House

This Pileated Woodpecker Nesting Box can also be used for Common Merganser. For Pileated Woodpeckers fill the bird house to the top with sawdust or wood chips because the Pileated likes to excavate their own home. The entrance hole needs to be 4 inches for the Pileated Woodpecker. The Pileated's bird house should be mounted at least 15 feet or higher above the ground.

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Canada Goose Nesting Platform

Canada Goose Nesting Platform

This Canada Goose Nesting Platform can also be used as a duck loafing platform. For Canadian Geese attach a 10 inch section of a 55 gallon drum or a washtub to the platform. Drill drain holes in the bottom of the tub and cut an escape hatch for the young geese that is 6 inches wide and 4 inches tall just under the top of the tub. Fill the nesting tub 1/3 full of hay or grasses. The platform should be anchored in 2 to 4 feet of water and if you build more than one put them at least 200 yards apart if they are in view of one another to prevent territorial disputes.

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Mallard Duck Nesting Platform

Mallard Duck Nesting Platform

This Nesting Platform for Mallard Ducks is of an interesting design. The nesting platform should be placed in 2-4 feet of water and should be at least 10 feet from shore. The basket should also be between 3-5 feet above the water level. Fill the basket with straw and place within bullrush or cattails. These Mallard nesting platforms should be maintained annually before the nesting season.

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Build a Wood Duck House

Wood Duck House Plans

The Conservation Commission of Missouri has a great plan for building a Wood Duck Box. This bird house plan shows you how to build a Wood Duck Nest Box. The Missouri Department of Conservation recommends that all Wood Duck Boxes be erected over water with a steel or wooden posts. Predator-proof metal cones or sleeves should be used on the post. Wood Duck Houses should place in water that is between 2 and 4 feet deep and the bottom of the box should be no lower than 4 feet from the water's surface. Six inches of wood shaving or sawdust should be placed in the bottom of the nest box. Also tack a 6 inch wide strip of 1/4 inch hardware cloth or screen wire inside the house from the bottom to the hole so the ducklings can easily climb out.

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Free Birdfeeder Plans

Bird Feeder Plans

Look at over 50 Free Bird Feeder Plans. These many bird feeder designs include Squirrel Proof Bird Feeders, Platform Bird Feeders, Wild Bird Feeders, Large Bird Feeder, Window Bird Feeders, some Cardinal Bird Feeder, Hopper Bird Feeders, Hanging Suet Feeders, many Wooden Birdfeeders, How to Build a Bird Feeder, Homemade Bird Feeders and many other Bird Feeder Designs and Plans.

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