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Bird Houses for Sale

Here we list 5 companies you can buy Bird Houses from; they include Duncraft Bird Houses, Coates Purple Martin Houses, Backyard Bird Companies Bird Houses, Bird Center Bird Houses and

Duncraft Bird Houses for Sale

Duncraft Bird Houses

Duncraft has a wide variety of quality Bird Houses for sale. They have Bluebird Houses, Woodpecker Houses, Purple Martin Houses, a Hummingbird House, a Chickadee House and many more. Duncraft also sells Bird Feeders, Bird Baths, Bird Seed, Bird Nesting Material and a large variety of other Bird Accessories. Don't miss their great Bird House Resources like Duncraft's Guide to Birdhouses.

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Martin House Plans

Coates Purple Martin Houses

Coates specializes in Purple Martin Houses. Coates Martin Houses are made out of Aluminum so they are lightweight and easy to lower on telescoping poles for cleaning. Coates sells Purple Martin Houses that range from 8 rooms to 28 rooms. Coates also sells telescoping poles for your Martin Houses. has a great selection of Coates Purple Martin House.

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Backyard Bird Company

Backyard Bird Company's Bird Houses

The Backyard Bird Company has a great selection of Bird Houses for Sale. They have a large variety of Decorative Bird Houses, Bluebird Houses, and Purple Martin Houses. Backyard Bird Company also has good Bird Range Maps in their resources section.

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Bird Center Bird Houses

Bird Center Bird Houses

Bird Center has an interesting selection of Bird Houses. Their Garden Design Birdhouses are especially interesting. They also carry Duck Houses, Owl Houses and Purple Martin Houses.

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Bird Center Bird Houses Bird Houses has one of the largest selections of bird houses for sale on the internet including almost 90 Bluebird Houses for Sale, a large selection of over 300 Decorative Bird Houses for Sale, over 100 Purple Martin Houses for Sale and a large selection of hundreds of Wren & Chickadee Houses for Sale. also sells woodpecker houses, duck houses, and owl houses.

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