Free Bike Rack Plans

I found 10 Bike Rack Plans and some other bike storage ideas. These wooden and PVC bike stands are great if your family has a lot of bikes to store. Most of these designs would be good
for indoors or outdoors, however, since most are made of out of wood or PVC pipe I think a thief could probably break them fairly easily if they are outdoors.

My favorite bicycle rack is a vertical one on This design is made from two by fours and is a sturdy, inexpensive, stand-alone rack that holds two bikes. This would be good for storing bikes in your limited space apartment. has a great truck bed PVC bike rack that can hold three bikes. This project uses some PVC pipe, connecting Ts, elbows and PVC pipe cement. Look at all the pictures on his page for other ideas on getting up to five bikes securely fastened in your truck bed. This one is listed below as Make Your Own PVC Bike Rack.
Verticle Bike Rack Picture
Build a stand alone 2 bike rack out of 2x4s. This vertical rack would be great for an apartment dweller.
Bike Storage Plans Image
Store multiple bikes easily in your garage or home with this bike storage plan using 2x4s, bike hooks, screws and some rubber tubing.
Bike Rack Plans Picture
Create this outdoor bicycle storage rack to hold 6 bikes. You can easily make this rack longer or shorter.
Bike Rack Plans Photo
Make this 10 ft. long bicycle stand out of mainly 2x4s, plywood, metal pipes and screws. 8 page PDF with color photos, diagrams, instructions and materials lists.
DIY PVC Bike Rack Picture
Cool 5 bike rack make of PVC pipe. Fits mountain bike tires but you could adjust for road bikes, too. These parts cost about $35 according to the author.
Universal Forest
Simple Wood Bike Rack Photo
Well laid out plan to make a simple wooden bicycle stand for 3 bikes. Plans have good photos, shopping list, and 3 step-by-step written instructions.
Plywood Bike Rack Photo
Portable plywood bike stand made completely out of one 4×8 board of 1/2 inch plywood. No other materials are used. This stand holds 6 bikes, 3 bikes on each side.
Boy’s Life Magazine
Simple Bike Rack Plan Photo
Easy to make design from Boy’s Life Magazine, 1952. This project has brief written instructions, a good diagram, and a finished project picture.
Make Your Own PVC Bike Rack Photo
Damon’s PVC rack can hold 3 mountain bikes. He also has materials and cut list for a 4 bike rack, too. Lots of great pictures, and instructions.
Bike Storage Hoist Image
While not a bike rack, per say, this bike hoist puts your bike up in the rafters. If you have the ceiling room for this one you can definitely save some space.
Bike Rack Image
Nice plan to build a bike rack from Lowes. This plan has good project illustrations, project cut list, and step-by-step written instructions. This plan uses 2x4s for the lumber.
Bike Mount for Truck Bed Picture
This is not a bike rack but a great homemade bike mount for your truck bed or even your roof rack. Using simple hardware materials and lumber you can build this useful mount.

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