Free Banana Hanger Plans

I found 2 Wooden Banana Holder Plans and several wire Banana Hanger Ideas. Do you want your bananas to have dark bruises on them? Well why not build a banana hanger and
keep your bananas bruise free for awhile as they ripen.

My favorite plan is the classic wooden banana hanger plan from Start Woodworking. This is the type of hanger you see on sale at the kitchen store. This plan is very well done with a detailed project plan, a full size template for the hanger, and 12 step-by-step instructions with pictures.

The second plan I found is very artistic and explains how to create the banana stand with a table saw and a band saw. They have a full size printable pattern of the banana and the banana leaf base.

I also found several other ideas for various wire banana hangers you can create with simple hardware like a coat hanger or c and s hooks.
How to Make a Banana Hanger Image
Classic wooden banana hanger design with detailed illustrations and step-by-step instructions with pictures.
Wooden Banana Hanger Plans Image
Artistic banana stand plans with a full size printable patter for the banana and the leaf.
DIY Banana Hanger Image
Simple wire banana hanger plan using a c hook and an s hook. You can screw this into the bottom of your kitchen cabinet.
Google Images
Banana Hanger Ideas Image
Use Google Images for creative ideas on creating your own banana hanger.

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