5 Free Golf Ball Display Case Plans

I found 5 Golf Ball Display Case Plans that I list on this page. Display your favorite collection of logo golf balls on one of these golf ball display racks. There are a variety of plans
that hold between 12 golf balls to a 90 golf ball display.

My favorite case is the huge 90 golf ball display shelf from Mark’s Woodshop. This case is large and gorgeous. Mark provides plenty of pictures, some plans he drew up on AutoCAD, tools and materials list and lots of written instructions.

The most unique golf ball display rack comes from Matt Crum. This case has slots for 42 golf balls with a large center display area for antique golf clubs or a tee flag, etc. This is a most creative display case that would look good on your wall.

For a relatively small rack there is a detailed plan from MLCS Woodworking. This 7 page PDF plan holds 12 golf balls. They have a cut list at the end of the pdf, 11 working pictures, and detailed building instructions. They use a lot of specialized woodworking equipment in building this golf ball display case however I am sure you can build a simpler design using these plans as a template.

Golf Ball Display Rack Image
Small display rack for 12 golf balls. Plan has 11 color pictures, a cut list, and detailed instructions.
Make a Golf Ball Display Shelf Picture
Large 90 Golf Ball Rack with 5 detailed picture of the finished case, a pdf with detailed illustrations, a tools and materials list and detailed written instructions.
Build a Golf Ball Display Case Picture
This rack has a unique and interesting style. It holds 42 golf balls on tees with large center space for other golf mementos.
70 Golf Ball Display Case Image
This very attractive 70 Golf Ball Display Case Plan has 3 construction pictures, some written instructions and finally 4 finished pictures.
Golf Ball Collection Rack Photo
Medium size 36 golf ball rack is on Google Sketchup. You can download the model into your sketchup software.
Google Images
Golf Ball Display Rack Ideas Photo
These Golf Ball Display Cases from Google Images give you design ideas from hundreds of different sources.

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