Free Sawhorse Plans

I found over 35 Sawhorse Plans for this page. Sawhorses or Sawbucks are basically just a board with 4 legs used for sawing or support. We have many types of sawhorses listed
including folding, chainsaw, stackable and of course classic sawhorses.

One of my favorite designs is from Family Handyman and is called the “Make a Quick 2×4 Sawhorse”. This sturdy saw horse takes two 12ft 2x4s and one 10ft 2×4 with some nails or screws.

One of the neatest sawhorses comes from Woodsmith Magazine and is titled below “Replaceable Inserts Sawhorse”. This well built sawhorse has a replaceable insert across the top so you can just replace the top piece after you have used it up. Also see the Sawhorse Accessories for some more great ideas.
Make a Quick 2x4 Sawhorse Image
These rock solid inexpensive horses are made with 2x4s and nails or screws.
Replaceable Inserts Sawhorse Picture
Replace the insert when they get chewed up instead of the whole sawhorse.

Classic Sawhorse Plans

Classic Sawhorses are what you think about when you think of sawhorses; wooden, rough, utilitarian.
Simple Wooden Sawhorse Plans Image
Uses 24 feet of 2×4 lumber and 3 feet or so of 1x2s for bracing. Has a replaceable sacrificial strip on top.
How to Make a Sawhorse Photo
These wide topped horses are sturdy and versatile. Good building instructions with diagrams and animated walk through.
14 Minute Sawhorse Plans Picture
They claim you can make these in 14 minutes with 2x4s, plywood and nails.
Ultimate Wood Sawhorses Picture
These sturdy, versatile and easy to build sawhorses from are stackable.
Sawhorse Picture
This wide topped horse can also be used as a bench. The top is 5 1/2 inches wide.
Stan's Wood Sawhorse Photo
There are two plans on this page. The instructions are a bit confusing but there are good diagrams.
Saw Horse Plans Photo
Stable sawhorses due to the plywood bracing. These are lightweight and very strong.
Simple Sawhorse Picture
Simple 2×4 Sawhorse with illustrations and instructions.
Popular Mechanics Sawhorse Photo
This 1991 design comes from Popular Mechanics. They are wide topped and stylish.
Build a Classic Sawhorse Photo
These 42in wide sawhorses are very attractive looking like a nice piece of furniture.
Replaceable Inserts Sawhorse Picture
These horses are also stackable in addition to having a sacrificial piece at the top to replace as needed.
Artistic Trestle Style Sawhorses Image
This has to be the one of the most attractive and probably the most complicated to build on the page.
Sturdy Sawhorse Finewoodworking Photo
These saw horses have a 16×48 inch top so they can double as a workbench.
Sawhorse Project Plans Image
Handyman Club has two designs on this page. One is a folding sawhorse and one is a wide topped stackable horse.
5 Rock'in Sawhorse Designs Photo
Family Handyman has three wooden sawhorses you can build on this page.
How to Build a Sawhorse Image
This sawhorse plan PDF is just an illustration with the dimensions and limited instructions.
Sawing Trestle Picture
A reprint from an early 1900 sawing trestle. Has some diagrams and instructions.
Free Sawhorse Plans Photo
Nice plan with many construction pictures and a detailed tutorial.
Classic Sawhorse Design Photo
This classic sawhorse has a 42in 2×6 ripped at a 13 degree angle for the top. So it’s a little harder to build than most.
Quick 2x4 Sawhorse Plan Photo
One of my favorite designs using only 2x4s. Simple and fast to build.

Folding Sawhorse Plans

Folding Sawhorses make storage much easier if you have space constraints.
Foldaway Plywood Sawhorse and Vice Table Image
There are two plans here. One for a portable sturdy vice table and one for a folding sawhorse plan.
Folding Sawhorse Project Picture
This folding saw horse has a removable roller that adds out feed support when you rip long boards
Folding Sawhorse with Shelf Picture
There is a plywood shelf on this sawhorse that adds stability and is a great place to store tools or supplies when working.
Angled Wooden Sawhorses Image
This angled folding sawhorse is very stable and strong. Author has great detailed plans for building these.

Knockdown Sawhorse Plans

Knockdown Sawhorses make storage and transportation to building sites much easier.
Ultimate Knockdown Sawhorse Image
This beast is strong and allows you to knock it down for storage after your job.
Knockdown Sawhorse Image
A Simple Knock-down Sawhorse made from 1 x 4 in. pine. It is 36 inches wide.
Three Legged Knockdown Sawhorse Photo
Great simple knockdown horse with 3 legs to help with uneven ground.

Chainsaw Sawhorse Plans

Chainsaw or Log Sawbucks are generally more heavy duty and make cutting logs or limbs much safer.
Chainsaw Sawing Horse Image
This 80 pound beast will hold your logs well. The author used pressure treated lumber to build it.
Log or Brush Sawhorse Image
Nice versatile, collapsible Sawbuck for supporting log or branches you need to cut up.
Log Sawhorse Image
Interesting design using plywood, threaded rod and pvc pipe. You can make it as long as you like.
Sturdy Sawbuck Plans Image
Very nice well laid out Saw Buck Plans with detailed instructions and 17 construction photos.

Stackable Sawhorse Plans

Stackable Sawhorses help you save space and most of us don’t have enough space around the house. 😉
Building Stackable Sawhorses Image
Good plans with detailed construction photos and text. See PDF plan at bottom of his page also.
Finewoodworking Stackable Sawhorse Image
These are some light sawhorses but are a little complicated to make because of the cutting that need to be done.
Short Stacking Sawhorse Photo
These short sawhorses that are only 18 in. high. They could actually double as a bench with their 8 inch wide top.
DIY Stackable Sawhorses Image
These plans are well laid out with a tools and materials list, construction photos and 6 step-by-step instructions.

Other Sawhorse Plans

Here are some interesting non-traditional sawhorse designs that don’t easily fit into the other categories.
Limited Space Low Stand Sawhorses Picture
The author uses these to prop up full plywood sheets so he can rip them horizontally.
Low Wooden Sawhorses Image
You could use these low sawhorses on top of your workbench. These plans use 2×4 lumber and some glue.
Sawbench Project Photo
This saw bench plan is 18 1/2 inches high and 26 1/2 inches long. The plan is a ways down the page.
Adjustable Sawhorse Image
This sawhorse allows you to raise and lower the height by moving some dowel pins.

Sawhorse Accessories

These Sawhorse Accessories can add additional functions to your classic sawhorse designs.
Sawhorse Cutting Grid Picture
Use this cutting grid on top of your sawhorses to cut down full sheets of plywood.
Sawhorse Sheet Rack Picture
This rack supports full or partial plywood sheets for cutting crosswise or lengthwise.
Simple Sawhorse Worktable Picture
Simple space saving sawhorse worktable using cheap 2×6 boards. He uses 2x4s and sawhorse brackets for the legs.
Outfeeder Roll for Sawhorse Photo
A simple adjustable outfeeder roller to support those long boards you are ripping on your tablesaw.
Sawhorse Roller Stand Picture
Another roller plan that attaches to a sawhorse. Look at the illustration. The words on the page are not related to the images.

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