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Bluebird House Plans

Here we point you to sites on How to Build a Bluebird House. These Blue Bird House Plans include building some Eastern Bluebird Houses, a Western Bluebird House, the Peterson Blue Bird House Plan and several others.

Eastern Bluebird House Plans

Eastern Bluebird House

Eastern Bluebirds are slightly smaller that the Western and Mountain Bluebirds so their bird house is slightly smaller. This Eastern Blue Bird House Plan comes from This Bluebird House has a hinged roof to make it easy to clean. One idea is to make a Bluebird Trail of houses 100 yards apart.

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Bluebird House Plans

Bluebird House Plans

This Bluebird House Plan is presented in two parts. First part is assembling a Bluebird House Kit. Then in Part 2 the author goes into building a Bluebird House. This two step process gives you a choice of using this project for a children's project or even a group event. The adults can prepare the kits first then later they can help the children assemble them. This is a very interesting idea for a cub scout or girl scout event.

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Peterson Bluebird House Plans

Peterson Bluebird House

The Peterson Bluebird House is thought to be preferred by Bluebirds. It is a more difficult to build birdhouse because of the angled cuts that are required. This unique bird house is preferred by many people due to its stylish design.

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North American Bluebird Society Nestbox Plans

North American Bluebird Society Nestbox Plans

The North American Bluebird Society has six nestbox plans that you can build for Bluebirds. They have an Eastern / Western Bluebird Nestbox, a DANDR Nestbox, a Gilbertson Nestbox, a Peterson Nestbox, a Side-Opening Mountain Bluebird Nestbox and Carl Little Bluebird Box. They also have a plan for Nestbox Predator Guards to keep cats, raccoons and snakes from getting at the bluebird's chicks.

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Eastern Bluebird House Plans

Eastern Bluebird House Plan

This Eastern Bluebird house plan also works for Tree Swallows and Great Crested Flycatchers. This Bluebird house should be placed 4 to 6 feet off of the ground on a wooden post or steel pole with predator guards. The entrance hole should face generally in a northeast direction to prevent the sun from shining in the hole and heating up the house.

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Bluebird House Plan

Blue Bird House Plan

This Free Blue Bird House Plan is a bit sparse but it looks like a good design. The site also has several other bird house designs that might be of interest.

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How to Build a Blue Bird House

Bluebird House Plans

The Ohio Department of Natural Resources has an attractive Bluebird House Plan on their site. They suggest constructing several Bluebird Houses near each other to increase your odds of attracting Bluebirds.

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Mountain Bluebird House Plans

Mountain & Western Bluebird House Plan

The Mountain Bluebird and the Western Bluebird House is slightly larger than the Eastern Bluebird House. However in regions where there is significant overlap among the Eastern Bluebird, Mountain Bluebird and Western Bluebirds this nest box will accommodate them all. This nest box should be mounted on a post with partial shade and sun around 4 feet high. The bird house should be cleaned in the late Fall after the brood rearing season is over.

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How to Build a Bluebird House

How to Build a Bluebird House

This was a good resource for building bird houses on They took the site down but you can still see it on So I link to for this plan. This Bluebird House Plan is straight forward and well diagramed. For wood all you need is a six foot length of 1 inch by 6 inch lumber. There are many types of wood you could use including pine, spruce, poplar and cedar. You should not use treated wood since the chemicals used can be toxic to birds.

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Bluebird Nestbox Styles

Bluebird Nestbox Styles

This is an amazing resource page for blue bird houses. They link to over 100 external bluebird house resources including free and purchase plans, bluebird organizations and they have a section on Generally Accepted Good Nestbox Design Specifications. This page is very extensive and will occupy you for awhile.

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