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Free Bunk Bed Plans

We point to over 14 Free Bunk Bed Plans. These designs include a Classic Bunk Bed from, several Kids Bunk Bed Plans, a Bunk Bed Project from Canadian Home Workshop, some Twin over Twin Bunk Beds, an Adult Bunk Bed designed by Field and Stream Magazine, DIY Bunk Beds, a Twin over Full Bunk Bed from and many more great Bunk Bed Ideas and Projects.

Bunk Bed Plans Image has some fine Twin over Twin Bunk Bed Plans. The illustrations are gorgeous and well laid out. You will need to make your own materials list with these plans. This would be a good plan for an intermediate woodworker. You can also download a Google Sketchup Model of these plans at the bottom of his page.

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Kids Bunk Bed Photo has this detailed Children's Bunk Bed Plan. Les has over 15 pages of detailed instructions, great construction photos, illustrations, and a cutting and hardware list. The plans are in both inches and metric. Also Les has a good section on Safety Guidelines for Kid's Bunk Beds.

Build a Bunk Bed Picture

This Bunk Bed Project from Canadian Home Workshop includes instructions, a materials list for the bed but not the ladder, and an exploded view illustration of the bed. This bunk bed plan is a little complicated so it would be good for intermediate and above woodworkers.

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One Leg Bunk Bed Picture

This bunk bed uses the room's wall studs for most of its support. There is a single support beam at one end of the bed. The author takes you through this project in 9 steps including steps for a materials list, a tools list, assembling the frames, adding the rails, building the leg, fixing the frame into your wall studs, and building the ladder. The author says your bunk bed frame dimensions could vary depending on your mattress size. So adjust your materials list accordingly.

How to Build a Bunk Bed Image

These Classic Bunk Bed Plans are from These Twin over Twin Bunk Bed Plans have a shopping list, a cut list, and 9 step-by-step instructions with illustrations. She also has a lot more on the page after step 9. I would advise reading the whole page including all the comments before starting this great plan. Also see the link below for an example of someone building with these plans.

Girls Bunk Bed Image

These plan's for a Girl's Bunk Bed are not for the faint at heart. This will take a while to build but it is a very attractive layout and see the link below for building the bunk bed stairs. This bunk bed was designed by Ana White and Jenny of Make sure you look at the link below that goes to Jenny's website. She has more pictures and text about the bed. Have Fun!

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Twin over Twin Bunk Bed Picture

The Design Confidential has a Restoration Hardware Inspired Kenwood Twin Bunk Bed Plan. This bed costs over $1,500 at RH but these plans, (and your hard work) allow you to build it for under $150. These plans have 10 step by step instructions, with detailed illustrations, a materials and cut list.

Wooden Bunk Bed Picture

This Simple Bunk Bed Plan from has plans for building an easy and inexpensive bunkbed. Make sure you know your mattress dimensions before you build this plan. You may need to adjust the size of the bunk bed accordingly. Also this bunk bed does not have guard rails.

Adult Bunk Bed Photo

Field and Stream Magazine designed these great DIY Adult Bunk Beds. These bunkbeds were specifically designed for deer camps or hunting lodges and provides sleeping accommodations for two adults. They also have two deep drawers under the bottom bunk for stowing gear. These plans have a good diagram, a materials list and instructions. This plan would be good for an intermediate woodworker.


Build a Classy Bunk Bed - DIY Network put together this attractive wood bunk bed. First watch the 1:08 min video then look at the step-by-step article. You will have to ad lib with these plans because they don't give exact dimensions and leave a lot to your imagination. These bunk beds are for adults since they have no guard rails.

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Twin over Full Bunk Bed Image

This Simple Bunk Bed Plan comes from Ana uses her Simple Bed Plan to create a twin over full bunk bed. She has illustrations, and instructions. See the link below for the Simple Bed Plans that she used in this plan. She has the design for a ladder at the bottom of this plan. If you want a guard rail on the top bunk then look at the photo at the top right under the brag post to give you some ideas.

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Free Bunk Bed Plans Photo

These plans include some materials lists, a photo of the completed bunkbed, three diagrams and 11 step-by-step instructions.

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L Shaped Bunk Bed Picture

Popular Science Magazine has an L-Shaped Bunk Bed Plan with a small desk and a storage draw under the bed. These plans are sparse and really just include a photo of the finished bunk bed project and a detailed exploded diagram. You will need to create you own materials list from the diagram.

More on Another L Shaped Bunk Bed Idea  See PDF Page 4

Bunk Bed Picture has an interesting bunk bed that uses plywood and lumber with pattern cut-outs in the plywood supports for ladders. This plan has a materials list, instructions, building diagrams, and cutting illustrations. According to the plans this bunk bed can be put up and taken down easily for storage.

Kids Bunk Bed Ideas Image has 10 photos of interesting kid's bunkbed and loft ideas. I especially like photo 8 which has a slide to get out of the upper bunk. I also like the photo 10 which is the Castle Bed with a slide.

Doll Bunk Bed Plan Photo has this neat bunkbed for an 18 inch doll. This simple woodworking plan would be a great inexpensive gift for someone. Ana has a material and tools list, a cutting list, 8 construction diagrams and 7 step-by-step instructions. The first part of the article has lots of great pictures of this bed.

John Deere Tractor Bunk Bed Idea Image

What a great boy's bunk bed. This article is just an idea but he does have some great photos of this tractor bunkbed.


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