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We list over 30 Deck Plans for you to look at. A Deck can really make your house stand out. However, Building a Deck is a major project. Let us help by pointing you to many fine Deck Designs and Ideas. Adding a Deck to your house can add lot of outdoor enjoyment to your family and increase the value of your home.

One of my favorite plans comes from The Family Handyman. Their Wood and Stone Deck Plan is very creative, attractive and professional. While this project is not that large it is a complicated project so it would not make a good project for a beginner. See the "Build a Wood and Stone Deck" project below.

One of the easiest plans is from the California Redwood Association. Their 3 page PDF shows you how to build a redwood deck over an existing concrete patio. See the "Make a Deck over Concrete" plan below.

I hope you spend some time browsing through the variety of deck plans that I have found for this page.
Build Your Own 10x10 Deck Photo
Detailed instructions for building a 10'x10' deck. They take you through framing, footing, decking, stairs and railing.
Build a Freestanding Deck Photo
Nice advice on Building a freestanding deck. Lots of construction pictures with checklists, materials lists and step-by-step instructions.
Building a Deck on a Sloped Site Image
Instructions on building on a sloped lot including framing your deck, building the decks stairs, and most importantly working on a slope. Good pictures and instructions.
Build a Wood and Stone Deck Picture
This plan combines a simple wooden deck surrounded by veneered stone. The stone walls are bench height which gives you plenty of seating.
HomeDepot Deck Projects Image
Home Depots Deck How-to Center is full of information for your deck project. Having over 20 articles and 5 videos on all aspects of deck building.
Dream Deck Photo
Gorgeous small wooden deck from Family Handyman this deck has a pergola, custom railing, and easy to understand deck construction detail with 11 building steps..
Lowes Videos on How to Build a Deck

Lowes has this great video collection on Building a Deck. The 6 part series includes the following videos.

Part 1: Design a Deck and Build Deck Plans 4:11 min
Part 2: Simple Deck Layouts and Plans 3:45 min
Part 3: Building and Setting Deck Posts and Footings 3:51 min
Part 4: Building a Deck Frame and Framing your Deck 3:58 min
Part 5: Building Deck Stairs and Steps 4:14 min
Part 6: Installing Deck Railings, Balusters, Lattice and Skirt 4:12 min

Lowes has a lot of good resources for building your deck. Here is the main Lowes Deck Building Page. They list tools and materials you will need, deck building terms you should know, and they even have a good Deck Design Tool. (You will have to register with Lowes website to use this tool). One of the best things about Lowes is going to their Decking Supplies Section where you can get all the tools and materials to build your deck.
Basic Back Deck Plans Image
Here is a plan that shows you how to build a small back deck landing. Great instructions and photos. This 6x6 deck is free standing.
How to Build a Floating Deck Photo
This floating deck is only a few inches off the ground but it gives you a nice elevated place to enjoy the view of your yard. 7 step plans with pictures.
How to Build a Deck Photo
This step-by-step guide on How to Build a Deck discusses installing deck flooring, building deck stairs, and installing railings and balusters.
Deck Seat Pergola Plans Photo
Brief instructions Building a Deck Seating, and Pergola Complex. Some construction photos with some instructions.
Expand Your Deck add an Arbor Picture
A good discussion on expanding a ground level deck. Lots of pictures with limited instructions. You need to ad lib a lot with this plan.
Deck Project PDF Picture
A good How-to PDF on Deck Building. No specific plans but good info on lumber, beam and joist spans, deck fasteners, and a lot more.
Build Your Own Deck PDF Photo
Discusses planning, design, materials, construction, deck layout, deck railings with good illustrations, and text.
Wooden Deck Construction Guide PDF Image
This 33 page PDF called Prescriptive Residential Wood Deck Constructions Guide is full of good detailed info on deck construction.
Build a Pressure Treated Wood Deck PDF Image
This is an illustrated guide to the most common techniques for building an outdoor deck it's 34 pages long and full of good info.
Build a Sundeck Picture
This ground level backyard wooden deck plan from the Handyman Club discusses a 2 day plan to build this Sundeck. Good text and photos.
Build the Best Deck Photo
Good deck resources including How to Build the Best Deck, How to Choose Lumber, Award Winning Deck Photos and some deck videos.
Building a Curved Deck Image
This is an attractive curved deck. The PDF article has an illustration, over 10 construction pictures, and useful written instructions.
Home Depot Videos on How to Build a Deck

Home Depot has a good 5 part video collection on Deck Building. The 5 part series includes the following videos.

Part 1: Getting Started 4:53 min
Part 2: Tools You'll need 4:00 min
Part 3: Framing 3:30 min
Part 4: Laying a Deck 2:42 min
Part 5: Stairs & Railings 5:05 min

After you watch the 5 videos you can go to the Home Depot Deck How to Center and find a lot more information on building the perfect deck. They have articles on basic hand and power tools you will need in addition to articles on planing your deck, maintaining your deck and other relevant deck topics.
How to Build Deck Stairs Image
If you build an elevated deck you will need stairs. This article runs you through a 9 step plan to build sturdy deck stairs.
Back Porch Plans Picture
Here is a classy small porch from the Handyman Club. Look for the PDF article link on this page. The PDF has good photos and instructions for updating a small landing.
Deck You Can Build Yourself Picture
Build a simple 12x16 deck with railings and stairs. There is a materials list and good blueprints for this plan. Limited instructions.
Build a Deck by Lowes Image
Lowes helps you Layout Your Deck with their article called "Build a Deck". Don't miss the custom deck design tool in step 2 of these plans.
Freestanding Deck Plan PDF Photo
This Redwood Deck Plan shows you how to build a 10ft x 8 ft. deck. There are some diagrams, a materials list and written instructions.
Make a Deck over Concrete PDF Photo
The Redwood Association shows you How to Build a Redwood Deck over an old concrete slab patio with diagrams and instructions.
Compact Deck PDF Photo
With this deck plan you can build a ground level deck with comfortable seating, Tools and materials list, diagrams and written directions.
Ground Level Deck PDF Image
Complete directions on designing a ground level deck with materials list, illustrations and 14 step-by-step construction instructions.
Ground Level Deck Project Plans PDF Image
Create a low maintenance deck with these project plans. Construction photos, diagrams, and text discuss how to do it but without specific materials or tools lists.
Deck Construction with California Redwood PDF Picture
Info about Redwood Decking. Discusses Redwood Grades and uses for each grade. Talks about laying out the deck with diagrams, construction tips, and what finishes to use of Redwood.
Planning Your Deck Image
Ace Hardware has a good page on Designing Your Deck. They talk about design considerations, planning the deck with lots of illustrations.
Deck Project Plans PDF Photo
This 4 page PDF is just illustrations for different deck sizes. They have a 8x12 Deck, a 10x12 Deck and a 12x12 Deck. No instructions just the annotated illustrations.
Rebuilding a Small Porch


This 23:56 min video takes you through Rebuilding a Small Back Porch. General Contractor Tom Silva helps a homeowner rebuild her back porch including the deck, stairs and handrails. Worth a look.


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