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Free Dog Bed Plans

We point to over 20 Dog Bed Plans. Make the perfect bed for your dog. There are elevated pvc designs, a foldup bed, some fancy designer looking dog beds and some simple diy bed ideas for your "best" friend.

My favorite dog bed is the PVC Elevated Dog Bed from Columbus Dog Connection. This is a low cost bed that you can build with material from your local hardware store.

We also have links to many dog bed patterns to make a comfy pillow or cushion for your dog.

Fancy Dog Bed PhotoFabric Dog Beds ImageElevated Dog Bed Image
Fancy Dog Bed Photo

This Dog Bed Plan comes from MLCS Woodworking. This dog bed has a 19 x 13 inch interior and is sized for a small breed dog. You need to modify the plan if you have a medium or large sized dog. This free plan comes as a 7 page PDF with 13 step-by-step instructions, 22 construction pictures, and a template for cutting the headboard. This plan uses some fancy joinery so I would say this plans is for an intermediate woodworker.

Four Poster Dog Bed Picture has this Small Dog Bed you can make. There project's bed base measures 16 x 21 inches. They mention that if you adjust the bed for a larger dog you should mount plates with furniture glides instead of the bun feet. They have a tools and materials list, with 4 illustrations and 7 step-by-step instructions. They only have measurements for the headboard and not the other pieces so you will need to ad lib some on this plan.

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Build a Murphy Bed for your Dog Image
Here is a stylish fold away dog bed. This plan has a detailed parts diagram, cutting list and many construction pictures. A well done plan that would be good for an intermediate woodworker.
Dog Crate Bed Picture
Limited instructions for this bed. Just a few good pictures and some text. This is an attractive and fairly simple design. The pictures are good enough for you to have a reasonable idea how to build it.
Elevated Dog Beds
Elevated Dog Bed Image

This Elevated PVC Dog Bed comes from Columbus Dog Connection. They have some simple, inexpensive dog bed plans toward the bottom of the page. These dog beds are make from PVC 1 1/4 inch pipe, PVC pipe corner pieces, 1000 denier cloth, and round washer head #8 x 1/2 inch screws. They list the materials needed, with detailed building instructions and photos. They give separate dimensions for a small, medium and large dog bed. Also there is a good 11:33 min YouTube video, linked below, on building an elevated dog bed.

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Large-Medium-Small Elevated PVC Dog Bed Plans Picture
These plans for an elevated dog bed are very detailed. There are separate PDFs for a large, medium or small bed. They have materials lists, and super detailed assembly instructions.
Stylish Elevated Dog Bed Photo
This plan for an attractive, elevated wooden dog bed has good pictures and diagrams on how to build it. There are no materials or cutting lists. The bed itself is made out of webbing that is woven by you.
PVC Dog Bed Picture

This Raised Dog Bed Plan is from The author made the bed with 3/4 inch pvc pipe, some corner joints, slip caps and some mesh fabric he had from broken patio chairs. He likes the threaded corner joints so you can adjust the height of the legs for uneven floors.

How to Make a Dog Bed
  by Columbus Dog Connection

The above 11:33 minute video How to Make an Elevated Dog Bed is from There are detailed written instructions at their Elevated Dog Beds Instructions page. This PVC Dog Bed works for small, medium or large dogs. If you can't easily find some of the parts see the PVC Dog Bed link below for some alternative PVC Pipe ideas.
Fold Up Dog Bed Image

This is a Unique Dog Bed that you can fold up and you can convert into a dog kennel. This plan from has a video, a materials and tools list, over 30 construction pictures, and good detailed instructions. This piece of dog furniture is both attractive and useful.

Make a Pet Bed Image

This Raised Dog Bed Plan is from The author made the bed with 3/4 inch pvc pipe, some corner joints, slip caps and some mesh fabric he had from broken patio chairs. He likes the threaded corner joints so you can adjust the height of the legs for uneven floors.

Small Dog Bed Photo has this Cute Dog Bed that would look good in Martha Stewart's house. The author used the Farmhouse Doll Bed Plan as the template for this modified version. She also modified Ana's Outdoor Cushions to fit a smaller piece of foam for the bed.

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4 Dog Bed Designs Picture

Obviously people have been building wooden dog beds for awhile. Here is a 1936 article from Popular Science Magazine showing 4 Wood Dog Bed Designs. They have designs for a covered wagon dog bed, a convertible foot stool / dog bed design, a cozy dog bed in an oval shape and a simple three sided dog bed with 13 inch walls.

Dog Bed Inspiration Image

This inspired dog bed was build for the author's Jack Russell Terrier. The builder basically took ideas from Ana's Farmhouse bed, linked below. There is a good construction picture and a finished picture with this idea.

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Dog Bed Idea Photo

The author built this large dog bed for her grayhound. She took ideas from two posts on Ana White's site. Both posts are linked below. They are the "Inspired by the Farmhouse Bed … for my Dog!" post and Ana's Farmhouse Bed post. This plan just has some pictures and some basic text.

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Fabric Dog Beds
DIY No Sew Dog Bed Image
This large dog bed requires no sewing. You just cut some little ties about 4 inches long and 3/4 inch wide around the edges then tie them together. Stuff with old sheets, pillows or cotton.
Fleece Dog Bed Tutorial Image
Looks like a bean bag but is a fluffy fleece dog bed. It takes a little sewing skill, some fleece, and some microfiber stuffing. There are over 20 photos and two diagrams with good instructions.
DIY Pet Pillow Bed Picture
This bed uses a foam mattress pad, pillow protector, pillowcase, and some iron on Velcro.
Small Donut Dog Bed Tutorial Image
A very small donut dog bed. Interesting doughnut shaped design. Uses towels, canvas, and polyfill.
Cozy Quilted Pet Bed Photo
This Large Dog Bed will take some sewing skill. The instructions are fairly minimal. There is one picture and a quilt pattern.
Easy Washable Pet Bed Picture
The pattern shown in this plan is for a 40 to 50 lbs. dog but you can change the dimensions to fit your pet.
Easy No Sew Pet Bed Photo
Another No Sew Bed using some fleece and polyester fill. A very simple and comfy bed.
Large Dog Bed Cushion Photo
This takes a bit of sewing. You are sewing a zipper on and several pieces of fabric. This plans dimensions are 38in x 38in x 6 1/2 in but you can adjust for your dog.
Cozy Pet Bed Photo
This high quality bed is well laid out with detailed fabric and supply lists, 8 photos, 14 illustrations and good instructions.
Make a Fabric Dog Bed Picture
This dog bed uses two pillows sewn together covered by a large fabric cover. Simple but comfortable.
Better Homes & Gardens
Form Dog Bed Sewing Pattern Picture
A cute domino designed form pet bed. This plan has some photos, diagrams and good instructions.
Simple No Sew Pet Bed Image
This pet bed uses two standard pillows, and some fleece. For the basic version you will also need some scissors and a ruler.

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