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Over 700 Plans

Free Easel Plans

I found over 25 Easel Plans for this page. Easels are great for art, presentations, etc. that you want to display or work with on a stand. These wooden easel plans come in many different designs and for different purposes. There are Classic Tripod Style Easel Designs, H-Frame Designs, Table Top Easels, Artists Easels with handy trays for painting supplies and many more interesting designs.

One of my favorite plans is the Lightweight Tripod Easel from This 3 legged easel has simple construction, a movable cross bar that easily adjusts the display height and you can completely disassemble this easel for shipping or transportation. Also look at the other 2 easels, the A Frame Tripod Easel and the H-Frame Table Top Easel.

Parents! Easels make great gifts for children. I especially liked the Kid's Easel Project from This is an easy to build easel plan with good diagrams, materials list and written instructions. Check in out below in the Children's Easel Plans section.
Tripod Easel Plan Photo
This classic tripod easel is easy to build and lightweight so you can easily transport it around for display or artistic purposes.
How to Make an Easel Photo
This easy to build easel plan from gives you good illustrations, a materials list and written instructions.
Artist Easel Plans

Some of these Painting Easels are portable and some are heavy duty for your studio.
Simple Artists Easel Image
This Artists Easel Plan PDF is on the right side of the page. The right photo is linked to the PDF. These plans are free. You can donate to the author's school if you want.
Build Your Own Easel Photo
Make a large 7 1/2 ft. tall by 4 ft. wide heavy duty easel with this design. The author says materials should cost less than $100.
Popular Science
Artists Easel Idea Picture
This artist easel from popular science is attached to tripod and allows you to adjust the easel to multiple heights and angles. A very clever design.
Tripod Easel Plans

These are Classic Tripod Easel designs; wooden, lighweight, attractive.
A Frame Tripod Easel Photo
Detailed adjustable tripod easel plan with an 18 page PDF. This light easel can be folded for easy storage. Detailed drawings instructions and materials list.
Lightweight Tripod Easel Photo
Easy to build inexpensive folding easel allows you to work on your art outside. Also this easily transportable easel is convenient for showing your work at exhibitions, fairs and outdoor markets.
Sturdy Display Easel Photo
This sturdy wooden tripod easel is relatively easy to construct and inexpensive, too. Great professionally created free plans to build this easel for under $20 (excluding paint).
Folding Tripod Easel Image
Another great easel design from This folding easel has adjustable legs and can adjust the angle of the canvas holder. This design is complicated to make with many moving parts.
Children's Easel Plans

Kid's Easels are great entertainment for your child and a learning experience at the same time.
Kid's Easel Project Photo
Easy to make child's easel from Les has 3 pages of instructions with photos, illustrations and parts list.
Child's Folding Easel Photo
This double sided kid's easel has a chalk board on one side and a wipe board on the other. Make sure you go to the bottom of their page for the link to download detailed instructions.
Toddler Chalkboard Easel Image
Anna White has this great toddler chalkboard easel design. The easel is about 3 feet tall, has a tray and a dowel to hold a roll of paper.
Easel and Drawing Board Picture
This children's easel has a blackboard on one side and a corkboard on the other. The legs are adjustable so you can raise the height as your child grows.
Perfect Child's Easel Photo
A great gift for your niece or nephew. This two sided easel has a black board on one side and a white board on the other with a roll of paper that feeds onto the chalkboard side.
How to Build an Easel Photo
Step-by-step plans to build a children's easel. This easel uses dry boards on both sides. However you could use plywood and chalkboard paint instead. Has a paper roll holder in the middle.
Art Easel Plans Image
This can be a chalkboard, dry erase board or panel for drawing paper. It's only 2 ft. tall and 1 1/2 ft. wide so it is easily transportable and has a handle on the top.
Kid's Art Easel Picture has this easel you can build out of plywood and poplar. They have a cutting diagram for the lumber, a tools and materials list and step by step instructions.
Display Easel Plans

Display your art in style with one of these easel designs.
DIY Display Easel Image
What a great easel from Gina shows you how to build this attractive display easel with illustrations and instructions.
Wooden Display Easel Image
This Display Easel Plan PDF is on the left side of the page. The left photo is linked to the plan. These plans are free. Donate to the author's school if you want.
Tripod Display Easel Photo
Nice free 18 page PDF plan for this lightweight display easel. This easel has a movable cross bar so you can easily adjust the height.
Tabletop Easel Plans

Here are some attractive table top easels for an artist or designer.
H Frame Tabletop Easel Plans Picture
Create a folding tabletop easel with this detailed professional 25 page project. This design has lots of parts and is complicated to make.
Single Mast Easel Plan Picture
Another table top easel plan from gives you a small functional easel with a triangular base that is stable and occupies little space. This plan is a bit complicated to make.
Desktop Easel Image
This great desktop easel project from Lowes is an attractive solution for an artist's work surface and provides storage of art supplies. Go to Page 8 of PDF for Plan!!
Chalkboard Easel Plans

Classy Chalkboard Easels for your home office, the children's play room, family notes, parties, etc.
Cool Chalkboard Easel Image
With this plan you can build a chic chalkboard easel. This simple plan uses 1x2s, half a sheet of quarter inch plywood and a square dowel for the lumber.
Chalkboard Plan Image
This chalkboard easel plan is 4 feet tall and 2 feet wide. Design has limited instructions but good photo allows you to figure it out fairly well.
Scalloped Chalkboard Easel Tutorial Image
Holly and her husband made this great chalkboard easel for around $40. This chalkboard easel is around 3 feet tall.
Other Easels

These are interesting easels that don't fit into one of the other categories.
Picture Book Easel Image
The author designed this easel for a classroom environment to hold open a large picture book for discussion. This basic easel could be adapted for other uses.
How to Build a Wooden Easel Image
This one-sided wooden easel has a magnetic dry erase board. You can also put spring-loaded chart clamps at the top to mount a flip chart.
Popular Mechanics
Easel Tracing Projector Image
A fascinating idea that allows you to project an image onto a glass plate where you can use tracing paper to put an image on paper for water color or painting.
Finishing Sawhorse Easel Photo
Create an adjustable finishing easel for use in painting woodworking projects or whatever. This is an easy design that uses a sawhorse and upright boards and dowels.
Artists Easel Photo
This plan has a small picture of the competed wooden easel with a cut list, written instructions and 5 small illustrations.
Homemade H-Frame Easel Design
 by ArtWithRob


This 6:08 min video takes you through How Rob Made a Large H-Frame Easel. Rob does a good job of running you through building this heavy duty easel. There are no measurements but you can build it to the size you require by watching his video.


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