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Firewood Rack Plans

We have over 8 Free Firewood Rack Plans and 2 Videos listed here. These Firewood Rack Designs include How to Build a Firewood Rack, a Simple Firewood Rack from Popular Mechanics, a Rustic Firewood Rack from Instructables.com, some Firewood Storage Rack Plans, a Metal Firewood Rack built from used Trampoline parts, a DIY Firewood Rack from Mag Ruffman, several videos on Building Firewood Racks and more.

Outdoor Firewood Rack Plan Photo

Wayne of the Woods has some step by step plans for Building a Firewood Rack. This firewood rack design could be used indoors or outdoors. There is an materials list, 5 steps with pictures and good building instructions.

Build a Firewood Rack Picture

This Firewood Rack is easy to build and attractive. This Firewood Rack Plan only calls for (4) - 2x4x8 pieces of lumber, (4) - steel straps with some small screws and a small box of 2 1/2 inch deck screws. Tools you will need include a drill, tape measure, and a saw. The author says his materials cost around $12. There are good instructions and 4 helpful construction pictures.

Rustic Firewood Rack Picture

This Firewood Storage Rack is simple and inexpensive to build out of logs. The author of this woodworking plan has a materials and tools list, written instructions, and 5 steps with pictures. Building this Firewood Rack looks like a lot of fun actually.

Firewood Rack Plans Image

Popular Mechanics has a Simple Firewood Rack Plan that shows you How to Build a Cheap Firewood Rack. This firewood holder is 8 feet long by 4 feet high. They include sections on selecting the lumber, and 6 steps with pictures and building instructions showing how to make a firewood storage rack. They do not include a materials list. Also there are 2 helpful comments at the bottom of this woodworking article you should read.

How to Build a Cheap Firewood Storage Rack Image

Mag Ruffman shows you how to build an DIY Firewood Rack. She includes a tools and materials list with instructions on building about an 8 foot long by 4 foot high firewood rack. Make sure you click on the pictures to get much better detail of the firewood rack. At the end of article Mag shows pictures of how she created a firewood rack cover.

Firewood Storage Rack Plans Image

This Free Firewood Rack Plan comes from Instructable.com and looks attractive. There are no measurements so you will need to eyeball the sizes. There are limited written instructions but the author has taken some good pictures throughout the construction so you can get a good idea of how to build this firewood holder.

How to Make a Homemade Log Rack

In the above How to Make Good Homemade Log Racks that Work video the author shows you the steps to build a firewood rack. There is no talking so you can mute the sound if the music is distracting.

Indoor Firewood Rack Image

This Indoor Firewood Holder is a nice piece of furniture needing intermediate woodworking skill to construct. This indoor firewood rack plan comes as a 14 page PDF and gives written directions with lots of construction pictures. There is not a materials or tool list so you will need to create that yourself. This firewood rack requires welding.

Firewood Rack Made from Used Trampoline Parts Image

This is an interesting Metal Firewood Rack made from parts of a used Trampoline. The author includes a material and tools list. Please note: you will need a drill press or pipe knotcher to cuts parts of this firewood rack and welding equipment. So this might not be practical for many people but it is an interesting idea none the less.

How to Chop and Store Firewood

The above How to Chop and Store Firewood video from Progressive Farmer is great. This 6:11 minute video explains first How to Make a Log Sled for cutting your wood on. Then he discusses How to Chop Wood. Next at 3:27 the author discusses How to Stack Logs and he creates a very simple firewood rack that you can easily make yourself. He gives Log Storing Tips at 4:50 and towards the end of the video he discusses Good Wood Types for Firewood. This video is well worth 6 minutes of your time.

Free Woodshed Plans Photo

Check out our 6 Free Woodshed Plans if you are looking for something a little larger than a firewood rack to store your wood. These Wood Shed Plans include a DIY Wood Shed Plan, How to Build a Wood Shed, Building a Rustic Woodshed and more Free Wood Shed Designs.