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Free Folding & Portable Picnic Table Plans

We point to over 10 Free Folding and Portable Picnic Table Plans. These plans include a Fancy Portable Picnic Table, Folding Picnic Table Plans, several Picnic Tables that Convert to Benches, a Portable Camping Table from the Boy Scouts of America, Portable Picnic Table Plans, a Small Folding Table, a Child's Portable Picnic Table Plan, a Folding Car Camping Picnic Table Idea, a Combo Picnic Table & Picnic Basket, and some more interesting Portable and Folding Picnic Table Designs.

Fancy Portable Picnic Table Image

Fancy Portable Picnic Table

If you want a Portable Picnic Table with Style then this is a great project. This picnic table is cut from a sheet and a half of 4x8 ft plywood. This plan has a detailed cutting diagram, an illustration of assembling the table and some good pictures of the finished table. There are no written instructions with this plan.

Build a Picnic Table that Converts to Benches Image

Build a Picnic Table that Converts to Benches has created this attractive wooden Convertible Picnic Table Plan. She has lots of pictures, 8 step-by-step instructions with detailed illustrations, a materials and tool list. At the top of the article you can see example of people who have built this picnic table. Click on the pictures for more details.

More on Benches that Convert to a Picnic Table  PDF

More on Convertible Picnic Bench Finished Picture

Folding Picnic Table Plans Image

Folding Picnic Table Plans has a good article on How to Build a Folding Picnic Table. This wood picnic table is basically two benches that fold over and become a picnic table. The author has detailed illustrations, pictures, a materials and tool list and even a 9 minute youtube video on building this plan. See the link below for the construction video.

More on How to Build a Folding Picnic Table  9 Minute Video

More on How to Make a Compact Folding Picnic Table  Another Plan

More on Short Video on Compact Folding Table above  1:47 Minute Video

Scout Collapsible Picnic Table Picture

Scout Collapsible Picnic Table

This is a great Folding Camping Picnic Table. The table top is 2 ft x 4.5 ft and the benches are 4 ft x 8 inches. This picnic table can be cut out of one 4x8 ft sheet of 5/8 inch exterior plywood. The cleats that keep the table top and benches from sliding are attached with 1 inch screws and waterproof glue.

Convertible Bench Table Plan Photo

Convertible Bench Table Plan

Popular Science Magazine has a 2 page article on building a Convertible Picnic Table. There is a detailed diagram with a materials list and limited written instructions. This looks to be one of the easier Convertible Bench Picnic Table Plans around.

Portable Camp Picnic Table Image

Portable Camp Picnic Table

These Camping Picnic Table Plans from the Boy Scouts of America is made out of one piece of 4x8 ft plywood. This table is small but you could resize this table and use 2 sheets of plywood and create a bigger adult table out of it with a little ingenuity. This free PDF plan is 6 pages with detailed illustrations, a materials list and some limited instructions. The video link below shows you how to put the table together after it has been cut and finished.

More on BSA Knockdown Camp Table Video  Youtube Video

Small Folding Table Plans Image

Small Folding Table Plans has a nice article for building an attractive small folding table. This table is a little complicated to make using mortise and tenons or overlap joints. So I would say this plan is of intermediate difficulty.

Kids Portable Picnic Table Image

Kids Portable Picnic Table

Disney's Family Fun Magazine has a great Portable Picnic Table for Children. Look at the link below for the PDF version of this plan. The table top is 4ft by 2 ft and the two benches are 4 ft x 8 3/4 inches. These free picnic table plans have good diagrams, written instructions, and a materials and tool list. You need to be good with a jigsaw to cut out this table.

More on Portable Kids Picnic Table  PDF

Portable Picnic Table Image

Portable Picnic Table

Here is another Knockdown Picnic Table made of Plywood. There is a detailed cutting diagram and limited instructions. This plan uses a single sheet of 4x8 ft plywood however it does not look as sturdy as some of the other plans listed above.

Knockdown Picnic Table Photo

Knockdown Picnic Table

This is an attractive Retro Looking picnic table from Popular Science that comes apart and stacks fairly flat. The table top is 3 1/2 ft by 2 1/2 ft and the seats are 4x1 foot. There is a detailed cutting diagram but the plan has limited instuctions.

Portable Picnic Kit Photo

Portable Picnic Kit

This Popular Science Picnic Kit Design from 1942 opens up to 18 inches by 24 inches and is 11 1/2 inches high. Big enough for two place settings and convenient for keeping your food off the ground. This kit folds up to 4x18x24 inches when not in use. This free plan has several illustrations and written instructions.

Combo Picnic Table & Picnic Basket Image

Combo Picnic Table & Picnic Basket

Popular Mechanics Magazine has this Combination Picnic Basket & Picnic Table. There is a detailed diagram with limited written instructions. This small folding picnic table is made out of 1/2 inch plywood. The Table Top fully extended is 19 inches by 38 3/4 inches and is 14 inches high on the legs.

Car Picnic Table Idea Photo

Car Picnic Table Idea

This is not a full plan from Popular Science but more of an interesting folding picnic table idea. You will need to create this table based on your car or SUV. The table can be hinged in the middle for folding and the legs can also be hinged or made so they fit into holes at the table's end. The leg length depends on the height of your car trunk.

Car Camping Picnic Table Idea Image

Car Camping Picnic Table Idea

This Camping Picnic Table Idea from Popular Science is a portable picnic table that will need to be customized to your vehicle. This is a picnic table idea and has limited instructions and diagrams but it is a simple idea that might work well with your Car or SUV.


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