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Free Garden Shed Plans

We have over 20 Free Garden Shed Plans listed here. These Garden Shed Designs include Small Garden Shed Plans, How to Build a Garden Shed, a Unique Garden Shed Plan, a Vertical Garden Shed Plan, Large Garden Shed Plans, DIY Garden Shed Plans, some Tudor Style Garden Shed Plans, some Pallet Shed Designs, a Storage Building for Garden Tools, a Timber Frame Garden Shed Plan, How to Make a Small Garden Shed and many more Garden Shed Ideas and Plans.

Build a Garden Shed Image

Build a Garden Shed

Popular Mechanics has this Garden Shed Plan that allows you to build a spacious storage shed. This Garden Storage Shed is 9x13 feet at the foundation and is over 7ft high to the rafters. PM has a 16 step by step project guide with written directions and pictures at each step. These steps include building the sheds foundation, building the shed floor, framing the roof, etc. See the second link below for the Garden Shed Project Plan Illustration. You will have to create your own materials list from the plan illustration.

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Gable Shed Plans Picture

Gable Shed Plans

These free Gable Shed Plans are from DIY Garden Plans. This 10x10 Gable Shed Plan has a very detailed materials and cut list. There are separate pages on the shed foundation, the front and back walls, the side walls, the roof rafters, the roof decking, the shed roof shingles and the trim and soffit. This is a great looking professional plan on How to Build a Gable Shed.

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Ultimate Garden Shed Plan Photo

Ultimate Garden Shed Plan

This 17 page PDF from The Family Handyman shows you How to Build a Unique Garden Shed. This shed has 8 x 9 1/2 ft worth of storage space and a 5 1/2 x 8 ft room you could use as a potting shed. There are gorgeous detailed drawings, over 25 building design photos, and good directions. This plan would be good for an advanced woodworker. This Shed Plan was originally an article in the Family Handyman Magazine in the July/August 2003 edition. The website is slow and this PDF plan takes awhile to load.

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Schoolhouse Storage Shed Image

Schoolhouse Storage Shed

This Shed Project from Family Handyman is fairly complex. Their School House Storage Shed would be a great addition to your garden. They include 9 step-by-step instructions including pouring the foundation, framing the walls, setting the columns, assembling the doors, etc. This is a 10x12 Shed Plan with great illustrations, photos and a materials list. See the very bottom of the Step-By-Step page for links to printable PDFs of these plan details. Also remember many construction steps have multiple pictures. Please look for the Next Picture Button at the bottom of most construction photos.

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Garden Closet Storage Shed Image

Garden Closet Storage Shed

Building this Garden Closet Storage Project Plan from Family Handyman will allow you to keep your garden tools organized in this small outdoor shed. This Vertical Garden Shed plan is of moderate difficulty. They have 4 step by step written instructions with a detailed construction drawing, photos, a garden closet cutting list and a materials list. See the bottom of the Step-By-Step page for the links to the details PDF files.

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Small Garden Shed Plans Image

Small Garden Shed Plans shows you How to Make a Narrow Backyard Shed in this article. The floor of this Garden Shed is 4x7 feet and stands 8 ft. 8in at the apex. This shed plan has a parts list and instruction on building the walls, roof and floor.

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8x7 Tudor Style Shed Image

8x7 Tudor Style Shed has two Tudor-Style Garden Shed Plans on their site. One is a 8x7 Tudor Style Garden Shed and the other is a 10x10 Garden Shed Plan that is in a Tudor Style. For the 8x7 Garden Shed Plan they have 22 pages of instructions including plan drawings, a material list, and a short 1:29 min video showing highlights of building the shed from start to finish. For the 10x10 Storage Shed Plan they have 24 pages of instuctions and they have 23 video clips showing the building of this 10x10 Garden Shed.

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Garden Storage Shed Picture

Garden Storage Shed

This Free Garden Storage Shed Plan is from the Southern Pine Council and is 6 pages long. They have a building materials list, a required tools list, 20 written construction steps, and 5 detailed design illustrations.

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Build Your Own Garden Shed Image

Build Your Own Garden Shed

Here is a great Garden Shed Project Plan from Georgia-Pacific. This 4 page PDF Shed Plan has a materials list, 13 step instructions, and 11 detailed illustrations. This Yard Shed is built on a platform with 4x4 posts sunk in concrete lined holes. There is not much detail on building the platform itself. So I would categorize this plan as relatively advanced since you have to use your experience for the part. However this in an attractive Garden Shed idea that can be sited on flat or sloped ground due to the platform construction.

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Outdoor Garden Storage Shed Picture

Outdoor Garden Storage Shed

This 3 page Outdoor Garden Storage Shed is from the University of Tennessee Agricultural Engineering Department. This Shed Plan has over 20 construction drawings but does not have many written instructions. So it's a great Shed Plan Idea but you will have to use your woodworking experience to make it work.

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Pallet Shed Image

Pallet Shed

This Pallet Shed Design gives you many pictures and some great ideas on using pallets to build a garden shed for your tractor or garden tools. This pallet shed page is very long so make sure you scroll down the whole page. There are multiple pallet shed ideas on this page. The author has many pictures and brief descriptions of how he built the shed. However there are no drawing and you will have to ad lib a lot.

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Storage Building for Garden Tools Picture

Storage Building for Garden Tools

This is a one page PDF from the University of Tennessee that has design drawings for a 10x12 Barn Style Storage Shed. There is a detailed bill of materials and 7 diagrams but no real written instructions.

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How to Build a Small Garden Shed Image

How to Build a Small Garden Shed

These Garden Shed Building Plans are for a small garden shed. Actually it is more of a Garden Hutch. There is a materials and tools list at the top of the article. Builder Mag Ruffman has 29 small pictures with building directions below each picture. There are no plan diagrams. She suggests this small shed can be used for garbage cans but I think it could be a nice place for tool storage or small garden equipment and it should be cheap to build.

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How to Build a Garden Shed Addition Photo

How to Build a Garden Shed Addition

This Garden Shed Addition Plan is from Family Handyman. This is not a stand alone Cedar Garden Shed but is attached to your garage. Once built this storage shed will provide over 100 sq. ft. of additional storage space. The shed measures 7 1/2 ft x 13 ft. This shed plan has 4 detailed drawings of the shed including Framing Details, Foundation Plans, Finish Details and Sliding Door Details. These diagrams are under the Step-by-Step tab and links to larger pdfs can be found at the bottom of the page. The also have over 25 detailed building photos. Please look under each step's photo for the Next Photo Button.

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Outdoor Storage Shed Image

Outdoor Storage Shed

This Small Outdoor Storage Shed is from Black and Decker. There is an upper shelf storage area accessible from the lift up top and two doors for access to the lower storage. This cedar small storage shed is slightly over 3 1/2 ft high, 4 feet long and slightly under 2 feet wide. These Storage Shed Plans have a design drawing, a cutting list, and detailed building directions. Their building directions discuss How to Make the Lid Assembly, How to Make the Panels, How to Assemble the Panels, How to Attach the Shelves, Cutting and installing the trim and finally How to Attach the Doors and lid. There are also 5 useful building photos.

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Timber Frame Garden Shed Plans Picture

Timber Frame Garden Shed Plans

Black and Decker has a nice Timber Frame Garden Shed Project. This attractive 8x10 Garden Shed uses heavy timber posts. There is a skylight and a window on the side with one door. They have a shed plan materials list, and 12 step by step instruction with illustrations. They discuss building the foundation, floor frame, cutting & notching the post, installing the post, beams, girts, framing the roof, installing the shed roof, building and installing the window and more. The one major problem with this plan is the plan drawings are too small. See the third link below for a link to certain book pages that have the larger drawings for this shed plan.

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DIY Garden Shed Plans Picture

DIY Garden Shed Plans

Mother Earth News has this Easy DIY Garden Shed Plans. While I am not so sure how "easy" this plan is I think it is a good looking Garden Shed. See the links below for the actual detailed plans drawing and the Garden Shed Materials list which is on page 4 of the article. has 4 pages of instructions including how to build the floor, framing the walls, and building the shed roof. I would say this would take an intermediate to advanced woodworker to complete. The floor of this is an 8x6 Garden Shed.

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Large Garden Shed Plans Image

Large Garden Shed Plans

This 10x12 Garden Storage Shed comes from This 12 page PDF mainly gives you drawings of the Garden Shed. There are over 10 detailed drawings including door details, concrete slab foundation, framing details, and the left, right, front and back elevations. See the second link below for the detailed shed plan materials listing.

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Garden Shed Kit Assembly Manuals Image

Garden Shed Kit Assembly Manuals

Amazing variety of Cedar Garden Shed Kits. What I like are the Shed Kit Assembly Manuals. These manuals are so detailed an advanced woodworker could use them to build your own shed. Check out a few of these great shed kit building manuals below. Click on the "View Details" Button and then download the assembly manuals.

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Gabled Garden Shed Image

Gabled Garden Shed Plan

This 8x10 Gabled Garden Storage Shed Plan is from the Engineered Wood Association. You will have to register with them to get this free shed plan. It is a very detailed 23 page PDF shed plan with comprehensive professional plans. They include many drawing including shed floor plan, the wall plans, the gabled roof, the windows, a inside workbench with under bench storage, the cedar decking surrounding the Garden Shed, and even a planter box plan towards the end. The two page written instructions at the begining are a bit sparce. This would be a great plan for an advanced woodworker.

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Garden Storage Shed Photo

Garden Storage Shed

This professionally drawn DIY Garden Shed Plan was created by The Engineered Wood Association. This Garden Shed has 8x12 foot exterior dimensions. There is room for garden tools and a counter good for your plant potting in this Backyard Shed. You will have to register with them to get this free garden storage shed plan. The 23 page PDF Garden Storage Shed Plan has a good materials list, drawings of the left, right, front and rear elevations. There is a plexiglass skylight, an open storage area you can store some wood in, a full door in the front and a half door in the back. This is quite an attractive and versatile Garden Shed.

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How to Build a Garden Shed Image

How to Build a Garden Shed

This Garden Shed Building Guide comes from NZ Wood and is a 9 page PDF with a shed materials list, 4 pages of detailed building directions and 6 shed plan drawings.

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Build a Great Garden Shed Picture

Build a Great Garden Shed

This Shed Project comes from the Australian company Mitre 10. The 4 page PDF takes awhile to download so please wait for it to load. Mitre 10 has a materials checklist, a tool list, 6 Steps of building instructions including how to prepare the ground, how the frame walls are constructed, how to add the roof, etc. They also have 12 drawings of the shed. The measurements are all in Metric.

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