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Free Gazebo Plans

We have 12 Free Gazebo Plans listed here. These Gazebo Designs include Garden Gazebo Plans, an Octagonal Redwood Gazebo Plan, a Backyard Gazebo Design, DIY Gazebo Plans, a Victorian Gazebo Plan, an 8x8 Gazebo Plan, a 10x10 Gazebo Plan, How to Build a Gazebo, a Patio Gazebo Project and other Gazebo Plans that you can build yourself.

Outdoor Gazebo Plan Picture

Outdoor Gazebo Plan

Popular Mechanics has this great 5 page article on How to Build a Gazebo which is durable and relatively maintenance free. They build this gazebo with pressure treated lumber, cedar and galvanized hardware throughout. They have lots of great gazebo diagrams and building instructions but are missing a cut list which you will have to make yourself after you read the article. This would be an advanced gazebo woodworking project

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Redwood Octagonal Gazebo Plan Picture

Octagonal Redwood Gazebo Plan

This Lake Tahoe Gazebo plan is an Octagonal Redwood Gazebo Plan from This Gazebo Design Plan is a 5 page pdf with detailed illustrations and a materials list at the end. CalRedwood also discusses the tools you will need when you build this Lake Tahoe Gazebo.

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Building a Gazebo Image

Building a Gazebo

This Hexagon Gazebo Plan is from and includes lots of great details for Building a Gazebo. They have an inclusive materials and tools list. This do it yourself gazebo plan includes detailed instructions and gorgous color illustrations guiding you through step by step on How to Build a Gazebo.

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Backyard Gazebo Design Picture

Backyard Gazebo Design

Mother Earth News has a Backyard Gazebo Design Plan with some nice drawings and text. The text with this gazebo plan is a little rambling and somewhat hard to follow. But with some careful attention you can pull the general gazebo design idea out of the text and drawings. See the second link below for the drawing image gallery. The website is a little slow so you will need to be patient to work through this Backyard Gazebo Design.

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8 x 8 Square Gazebo Plan Photo

8 x 8 Square Gazebo Plan has a nice 8x8 Gazebo Plan. This 5 page pdf has a detailed materials and hardware list. Then they then take you through the steps for building this Small Gazebo including setting posts, laying out your gazebo deck, gazebo roof framing, with over 20 detailed illustrations.

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How to Build a Gazebo Picture

How to Build a Gazebo

This Free Gazebo Plan comes from and discusses how to build a 8 foot diameter octagonal gazebo. They have 9 webpages on How to Build a Gazebo with a materials and tool requirement list. They show you step by step how to place the footing and post layout, how to place the beams, how to creating the roof, and making the handrail. There are nice color diagrams throughout these gazebo plans. There is a ft & inches version and a metric version. See the two links below.

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How to Build a Gazebo from a Kit Video

In the above How to Build a Gazebo Video Ron Hazelton shows you, in about 10 minutes, the steps to build a gazebo from a cedar gazebo kit by Handy Home Products. Ron helped some friends build this Gazebo around 2001 and Ron updated the video more recently to discuss Hurricane Katrina which unfortunately destroyed the gazebo. Handy Home Products has detailed instructions for building their Cedar Gazebo Kit which has helpful pointers if you want to build a DIY Gazebo. Ron also installed the Gazebo Screen Kit with this gazebo. I found a similar Cedar Gazebo Kit at
10 x 10 Square Gazebo Plan Photo

10 x 10 Square Gazebo Plan

Great Southern Wood Preserving has a free 10 x 10 Square Gazebo Plan. This plan does not come with much in the way of written instructions. There is a good gazebo materials list and a detailed drawing of this Square Gazebo with lenghts designated on the illustration.

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Octagonal Wooden Gazebo Photo

Octagonal Wooden Gazebo

LSU AgCenter has simple Octagonal Wooden Gazebo plan. This gazebo plan comes in a three page PDF with two pages of detailed drawings and a bill of materials list. There are no real written instructions for this gazebo plan so you might need to do some ad-libbing.

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Garden Gazebo Plan Photo

Garden Gazebo Plan has a attractive free Garden Gazebo Plan with easy to follow directions and great plan drawings. All the mesurements for this garden gazebo plan are in metric so you might need to convert this to feet and inches. This free plan comes as a 4 page PDF with a cutting list, hardware list, and tool list. They have 9 detailed steps including setting the posts, cutting the beams, fixing the beams, adding the roofing, etc. There are also 14 detailed drawings to help you construct this Do it Yourself Garden Gazebo.

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Patio Gazebo Plan Picture

Patio Gazebo Plan

Popular Science calls this Patio Gazebo Plan the "Backyard Retreat". It is an interesting design that is half a gazebo with decorative lattice panels that gives you some privacy on your patio from your neighbors. There is not a lot of detail with this patio gazebo design but there are 4 gazebo diagrams and enough text to describe the general idea of it.

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Backyard Gazebo Plan Picture

Backyard Gazebo Plan

This Backyard Gazebo Plan from Extreme How-To can be build from cedar. This Gazebo Plan is a bit sparce in details with no cut list or tool list. So I would say this is more of a wood gazebo building idea. However there are some detailed illustrations so an advanced woodworker could use this plan to build a gazebo.

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Victorian Gazebo Plan Image

Victorian Gazebo Plan

This White Victorian Gazebo Plan comes from Black & Decker and gives detailed gazebo materials list with detailed illustrations. There are step by step instructions including pouring the concrete piers, setting the gazebo's posts, installing the floor beams, decking, rafters, etc. I can not find this Victorian Gazebo on Black & Deckers site anymore so I link to an archive page for the plans.

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