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Free Hexagon Picnic Table Plans

We point to 5 Free Hexagonal Picnic Table Plans. These plans include Hexagon Picnic Table Plans with a Video, a Homemade Hexagon Picnic Table from, Building an Outdoor Hexagonal Picnic Table, How to Build a Hexagonal Picnic Table, Hexagon Table Plans from and some Hexagonal Picnic Table Ideas and Photos.

Hexagonal Picnic Table Plans with Video Picture

Hexagonal Picnic Table Plans with Video

This great 6 Sided Picnic Table Plan is from They have 8 webpages of instructions including detailed illustrations, a materials list, cutting diagrams, useful written commentary with building photos, user comments and finally they have an instructive 3 minute video of the whole process. See the link below for the video. This free picnic table plan is worth a look.

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Hexagon Picnic Table Plans Picture

Hexagon Picnic Table Plans has a well laid out six sided picnic table plan. She has a cut list, a materials and tool list, and 9 step-by-step instructions with detailed illustrations. You can expand the illustrations by clicking on them.

Homemade Hexagonal Picnic Table Image

Homemade Hexagonal Picnic Table has this unique Hexagon Picnic Table Design that will take both your woodworking and metal working skills. This table is a bit complicated to build but is a unique picnic table that you will be proud of. The image gallery has the illustrations of the plans with dimensions, a list of materials and a picture of the finished Hexagonal Table. They have two page of written instructions at the link above.

Build an Outdoor Hexagon Picnic Table Image

Build an Outdoor Hexagon Picnic Table

This free plan from is a bit hard to follow and the diagrams are small but it can give you some ideas. They include a tool and materials list on the second page.

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How to Build a Hexagonal Picnic Table Picture

How to Build a Hexagonal Picnic Table

Popular Mechanics Magazine has this good illustration of a Hexagon Table on page 2 of the article. This Hexagonal Table uses wood for the table top and seats and square metal tubing for the legs and structure. There is no materials or tool list but the illustration has the dimensions of most of the pieces. This plan will take some creativity on your part. See page 3 of this article for an all wood octagon picnic table plan.

Hexagonal Picnic Table Ideas Picture

Hexagonal Picnic Table Ideas

Google Images has many great photos of Hexagonal Tables that can give you ideas for building your own. Scroll through hundreds of pictures and see if you get some good Hexagon Picnic Table Design thoughts.


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