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Free Kids Picnic Table Plans

We point to 10 Free Children's Picnic Table Plans. These plans include a Child's Picnic Table from, a Kid's Folding Table from FamilyFun Magazine, a Modern Kid's Picnic Table Plan from, Build a Kid's Outdoor Table from, a creative Child's Surfboard Table and several more interesting Kids Picnic Table Designs.

Kids Picnic Table Image

Kids Picnic Table has this simple kids bbq table plan. The picnic table is about 20 inches high with the seats around 12 inches high. He has some good illustrations, a detailed cutting list and four step by step instructions. I would advise looking at the people's comments and photos before you start this DIY picnic table. The comments/photos link is near the bottom of his page.

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Childs Picnic Table Photo

Childs Picnic Table has a good PDF plan that explains How to Build a Childrens Picnic Table. This childrens picnic table plan has very detailed lumber cutting instructions, a materials list, a tools list and good written instuctions with 8 building illustrations.

Kids Folding Table Picture

Kids Folding Table

Disney's FamilyFun magazine has this great Portable Picnic Table made of plywood. Once you built it you can easily assemble and breakdown the kids table for storage in less than a minute. This free picnic table plan requires some skill with a jigsaw. Look at the PDF link below for more detailed cutting illustrations of the table.

Modern Kids Picnic Table Photo

Modern Kids Picnic Table

This gorgeous Child's Table and Benches plan comes from The children's table is 16 inches high with benches that are 8 inches high. Ana provides a materials and tool list, a cut list, and 6 step-by-step instructions with illustrations for building this great piece of kids furniture. You can click on the illustrations in the article for a larger view of the diagrams. Also click on the "Brag Posts" at the top of the plan to see examples of users projects built with these plans.

Build a Kids Outdoor Table Photo

Build a Kids Outdoor Table

This Childrens Outdoor Table comes from in Canada. The written instructions are on the webpage but the building diagrams and illustrations are in the PDF. See their blue box on the right side of the page for a tool list, a material list and the PDF illustrations.

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Toddler Picnic Table Plans Picture

Toddler Picnic Table Plans

This is a very popular picnic table plan on Take a look at all the people's photos and comments at the top of the article. (Click on their photo for comments ). This simple picnic table plan has a tools and materials list, a cutting list, and 8 step-by-step instructions with illustrations. Her illustrations expand if you click on them.

Child Surfboard Picnic Table Photo

Child Surfboard Picnic Table

Here is another clever wood child's table design from The table's top is 17 1/2 inches high, and is 42 inches long and 14 3/4 inches wide. Ana has good illustrations, written instructions, a tools, materials and cutting list. You can use your own kid's chairs or build a bench set from the link below.

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Build a Pirate Picnic Table Picture

Build a Pirate Picnic Table

What child doesn't want a wooden pirate picnic table. This inventive kid's table plan comes from The table top is 19 3/4 inches high and the seating is 11 1/2 inches above the ground. As always Ana has good illustrations, written instructions, a cutting list, and a materials and tools list. There is even a hole in the middle of the table for an umbrella if you want.

Kiddy Picnic Table Plans Photo

Kiddy Picnic Table Plans

The Southern Forest Products Association has this attractive outdoor piece of kids furniture. This childerns picnic table design is made out of pine. This intermediate level woodworking plan consists of just an exploded diagram with measurements, materials and hardware listed on the illustration.

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Make a Toddler Picnic Table Picture

Make a Toddler Picnic Table has this youngster's picnic table that is 21 inches high by 36 inches long and 44 inches wide. They list the lumber, hardware and tools needed to make this toddler's table. The assembly instructions are a little hard to follow because of a lack of illustrations.


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