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Free Loft Bed Plans

We point to over 20 Free Loft Bed Plans. These designs include a Classic Loft Bed Design from Disney's Family Fun Magazine, 3 Loft Beds for Adults from Popular Science Magazine, a Cottage Loft Bed, a Playhouse Loft Bed, How to Build a Loft Bed, a Firehouse Loftbed, all from, several Loft Beds with Desks and Storage, some DIY Loft Beds and many more great Loft Bed Designs and Projects.

Free Loft Bed Plans Photo

Family Fun Magazine has an attractive loftbed design in a 6 page PDF. This free loft bed plan is professionally done with detailed exploded diagrams, construction photos, 14 step by step instructions, a comprehensive Loft Bed Cutting List, a materials list with tools, hardware, lumber and estimated pricing information. Overall a very well done plan.

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Multiple Loft Bed Plans Picture

This article from Popular Science Magazine has plans for 3 different Loftbeds. There is a Sleeping Loft with a dining table underneath, they have a Loft Bed with Stairs and there is a Large Loft Platform with bookcases. These designs have some photos of the finished projects, some limited written instructions and detailed plan drawings with dimensions.

How to Build a Loft Bed Photo has a great loftbed plan. This bed fits a standard twin mattress. These loft bed plans have a tools and material list, 16 step-by-step instructions with illustrations and detailed written instructions. There are lots of good comments at the bottom of the post to read also.

Low Loft Bed for Kids Plan Image has this attractive Low Loft Bed Plan. There are detailed tools, lumber, materials and cut lists. There are 7 step by step instructions with detailed diagrams for most steps. The author says this loft bed will cost around $120.

Single Loft Bed with Desk Image

Popular Mechanics Magazine has this 3 page article on Building a Bunk Bed Desk. There are 5 detailed illustrations with dimensions. This plan uses metal bedrails for holding up the mattress and these bed rails determine the distance between the posts. There are limited written instructions. This plan would be good for an intermediate woodworker. You will need to ad lib a lot with this design.

Loft Bed Plans with Desk Picture

These Loft Bed with Desk Plans are from Better Homes and Gardens Australia. This 3 page PDF has separate detailed illustrations of the Loftbed with ladder, the desk, the bookshelf and the cupboard. There are materials lists for all the pieces with section sizes and lumber lengths. All measurements are in metric. They have 14 step by step instructions for building this woodworking project. You will need to have some woodworking knowledge because this is a slightly complicated plan.

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Loft Bed with Desk Image

This Kids Loft Bed with Desk comes from This plan is an add-on to her Loft Bed Plan. This article has plans for building a small desk and bookcase under the twin loft bed. She has great construction diagrams, a materials shopping list, and 5 step-by-step instructions with written commentary. There are also several photos of the finished project.

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Loft Bed with Bookshelf Ladders Image

These 2 Free Loft Beds with Bookshelf Plans are very professionally done on The author has 2 Google SketchUp 3D design files with the plans. See the first and second pages just above the user comments to download the SketchUp files. The author shows you How to Build Two Different Loft Beds. A bookshelf ladder loft for his son and a cloud loft bed for his daughter. The author has over 30 construction photos, several pictures of both finished projects, some diagrams from Google SketchUp and lots of written instructions.

Playhouse Loft Bed Image

This Girl's Loft Bed Playhouse is from This is a very detailed project that has 27 step-by-step instructions with diagrams, a tools and materials list and photos of the finished playhouse. She also has an add-on plan (See Below) if you wanted to add loft bed stairs to this project.

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Budget Loft Bed Design Picture

This article on Building a Budget Loft Bed and Desk shows you how to use the wall for two sides of the bed. You will need to attach two sides of this loftbed and desk to the wall studs. There are over 20 illustrations with this article and 8 steps of instructions. There is no material list so you will have to create your own from the various diagrams.

Cottage Loft Bed Photo

This Cottage Loft Playhouse Bed from has detailed drawings, materials and tools list, and 22 instruction steps. There are some good user comments at the bottom of the post. Also look at the brag post at the top called Cottage Loft Bed with Stairs which is a very well done project. This bed could be a boy's loft bed if you painted it brown and green with maybe some faux log's to make it a ranger cabin.

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Castle Loft Bed  another Great Loft Bed Plan

Kids Fire Station Loft Bed Picture

This Boy's Loft Bed Plan from shows you how to make a firestation loft bed. Ana has detailed illustrations, a tools and materials list, a cut list, and 19 step-by-step instructions. This Loftbed, as built, fits a twin mattress but you could adjust the dimensions for a full size mattress if you wanted to. Ana suggests maybe beefing it up a little with some more 2x4's if you make it a full size loft bed. See her comments at the bottom of step 19.

Building a Loft Bed Video Image has this interesting 1 minute video on Building a Loft Bed. This video is a basic discussion on How to Build a Loft Bed and could be used as a start for your own DIY Loft Bed.

Loft Bed with Desk Underneath Photo

This Loft Bed with Desk and Drawers is from Popular Science Magazine. This design has 6 photos of the finished project. There is also a detailed blueprint that has a sectional view of all the components for the project with lumber dimensions. On the blueprint they have a cutting list, a hardware list, a electrical system and lamps list. This article is 6 pages long so see the links below for pages 5 & 6. You will need to have intermediate skills in woodworking to do this plan.

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Simple Loft Bed Design Image

This Simple Loft Bed is from They have four 3D drawings and some instructions. While this plan is fairly sparse it is a simple design that should be easy to make. There is no materials list or dimensions with the plan.

Building a Loft Bed Picture has a Adult Loft Bed Plan used in a small studio apartment. This loft is 7 feet high. This plan has 3 illustrations, 5 construction photos, a photo of the finished loft at the top of the page and some written instructions. At the bottom of the page is a link to a Loft Bed Ladder Plan. This plan is fairly sparse and leaves a lot to your imagination. The author uses mortises and tenons so it is more advanced than most plans.

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Bunk or Loft Bed Plans Picture

This Simple Bunk Bed or Loft Plan comes from To convert this plan into a loft leave the lower bunk off and put some cross supports for additional stability. The author used this plan for his daughter's college dorm room. This plan has an illustration and uses 2x6s and plywood. The author suggests measuring the width of your bed frame or mattress and adjust the plans accordingly.

College Loft Bed Ideas Photo

These are assembly instructions for various College Loft Beds. They have a Loft Bed with Desk and Shelves, and a Low Loft Bed. These assembly instructions have good photos, a discussion of the various lumber and parts included with the beds and detailed written instructions. I think this could give you many great ideas for building your loft.

Loft Bed Ideas Photo is an interesting website. They basically sell loft bed plans and hardware kits. However there are a lot of customer photos and instructions on building various loft beds. This site can give you many loft bed design ideas and is worth a look.

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Loft Bed Plans Photo has this Loft Bed Design that allows space under the bed for storage especially closet space. These plans have 8 step-by-step instructions with 2 design illustrations, 5 photos of the finished loft and written instructions. There are no dimensions with the plan but the author stated she used around forty 2x4s for her loft.

Loft Bed Specifications Photo

These Loft Bed Specifications come from Penn State University. They include the loft dimensions and a clear diagram of the loftbed. There are no written building instructions with these designs.

Loft Bed Designs Photo

Sam Houston State University has an information pamphlet on the construction of lofts and bunk beds. This pamphlet is intended to help students design and build secure and safe lofts for their dorm rooms. There are several design illustrations and basic building instructions.

Plans for Loft Bed Photo

The University of Tennessee has a good loft bed design in its Student Loft Bed Information Pamphlet. The loft bed construction section starts on page 7 and includes 36 project steps with illustrations on pages 9 & 10.


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