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Free Octagon Picnic Table Plans

We point to 3 Free Octagonal Picnic Table Plans. These plans include How to Build an Octagon Picnic Table, an 8 Sided Picnic Table Plan from, an Octagon Table from and several other Octagon Picnic Table Ideas and Pictures.

Octagonal Picnic Table Plan Image

Octagonal Picnic Table Plan

This 8 Sided Picnic Table Plan from is well laid out with detailed plans and instructions. I would advise reading all three webpages relating to this plan first and then all the user comments. He also has an updated version of his 6 sided picnic table which gives clearer instructions for putting a multi-sided picnic table together.

How to Build an Octagonal Picnic Table Photo

How to Build an Octagonal Picnic Table

The 3rd page of this Popular Mechanics article gives a good exploded diagram of an Octagon Table. The diagram has many measurements of the lumber and discusses the required hardware needed. There are no written instructions with the plan.

Octagon Picnic Table Plans Photo

Octagon Picnic Table Plans has an attractive eight sided wood picnic table plan. The table top is 5ft 3 1/2 inches across. See her dimensions illustration. This free plan has 9 step-by-step illustrations with useful building instructions. There are detailed materials, tools and cutting lists at the top of the article.

More on Octagon Picnic Table Plans Pdf

Octagon Picnic Table Thoughts Image

Octagon Picnic Table Thoughts

Here is an attractive design for an Octagonal Table. This is not a full plan because it is missing the dimensions for the lumber. However you could use this as an idea for building you own Octagon Table because there are good illustrations and assembly instructions. This is actually a manual for an Octagon Picnic Table Kit.

Octagonal Picnic Table Ideas Photo

Octagonal Picnic Table Ideas

These pictures from Google Images of Octagonal Picnic Tables can give you some ideas for creating your own Octagon Table. Just scroll through the hundreds of pictures and see what strikes your fancy.


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