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We have over 25 Free Pergola Plans listed here. These Pergola Designs include Pergola Plans attached to a house, DIY Pergola Plans, How to Build a Pergola, a Garden Pergola, a Pergola Made out of Redwood, a Patio Pergola, How to Make a Pergola, a Lowes Backyard Pergola and many other Free Pergola Projects that you can build yourself.

Build a Pergola PDF Photo

This Pergola Building Plan shows you how to build an pergola attached to your house. The instructions are a bit sparse in this two page pdf but if you have some woodworking experience it will guide you in the right direction. The pergola measurements are in metric.

Redwood Pergola Plan PDF Photo

This Redwood Pergola Plan from the California Redwood Association shows you how to make a free standing pergola as a shade shelter. They give you a cutting list and some good diagrams and instructions for pergola design. Look at the video below that goes with these pergola plans.

Redwood Pergola Plan Video

In the above 10:46 minute Windsor Shade Structure Video takes you through the steps for building the Redwood Pergola Plan above this video. It takes approximately 2 days to build this pergola with basic tools.

DIY Pergola Image

Popular Mechanics has this great DIY Pergola Plan with over 15 construction pictures and good instructions. This step by step Pergola plan also has a nice Printable PDF guide. Look for the PDF Pergola Guide just below the 3D image of the pergola. Also see the article below titled Planning and Posting a Pergola for some more good Pergola Tips.

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Build a Garden Pergola Image

The DIYNetwork.com has this attractive pergola project. The finished project is 8 feet tall and 8 feet square. Before buying materials for this project read the comments left by visitors. It appears that the materials list is wrong. I would watch all the great videos and read all the instructions and make my own materials list before going to the store.

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Ana White's Weatherly Pergola Photo

As always Ana White gives a quality plan with lots of instructions, illustrations and personal commentary. She discusses the importance of a strong foundation for the support posts and has a materials, tools, and cutting lists, detailed instructions on trim boards on the posts, and finally putting up the various top boards and cross beams. All in all a great quality plan.

Front Porch Pergola Project Photo

The Handyman Club transforms a superficial front porch in to an attractive expanded patio and pergola front porch. Take a look at the PDF of the article, Porch Perfect, that is near the top of the page. The article has good illustrations, cutting and shopping lists, and useful construction photos with annotations.

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Eyebrow Pergola Plan Image

This Doorway Pergola from Workbench Magazine is an attractive addition to your patio doors. It is mounted to the wall above the doors and adds some sophistication to the d├ęcor. They have 3 PDFs attached to the article including one with a materials, and cutting lists, and detailed construction illustrations. There is a PDF with the Pergola Beam End Pattern, and finally an PDF of an article on How to Use Anchors.

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Attached Pergola Design Ideas Picture

If you are looking for attached pergolas for your house then here are some great ideas for you. Better Homes and Gardens has 15 Attached Pergola Ideas including several eyebrow pergolas, a two tiered one, and many other interesting designs. There are no plans with the designs but they might give your DIYers some ideas.

Deck Pergola with Plant Hangers Photo

This Modern Pergola is from Lowes.com and has exposed bolts, and cables to give a modern look to this design. There are also hangers for plant baskets. Lowes has a detailed project diagram, and step-by-step instructions to help you build this interesting project. Don't miss the link below to the Deck Privacy Screens Project that goes with this plan.

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Patio Pergola Plan Picture

This Patio Pergola comes from FamilyHandyman.com and gives detailed pergola building plans with good pictures. At the bottom of the Step by Step instructions page there is a Pergola Cutting list, a shopping list and a nice pergola diagram.

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Pergola Building Plans Photo

Mitre 10 has some attractive pergola plans in this 12 page PDF. They include plans for Building a Pergola onto a Deck, a Pergola with a Pitched Roof, a Free Standing Pergola, a Pergola Design for a Sloping site and several other pergola ideas.

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How to Make a Pergola Picture

This Pergola Plan from BuildEazy.com shows you How to Make a Pergola that is attached to your house. BuildEazy give a material list, some drawings, good instructions and various construction pictures.

How to Build a Pergola Photo

Ron Hazelton has a great page on How to Build a Free-Standing Pergola. He has a great video and 10 steps to building a pergola. Nice pictures and good video instruction. Ron says this should be stout enough to handle hurricane force winds.

Pergola Plans Attached to House Image

This Pergola Plan from Ron Hazelton is How to Construct an Attached Wooden Pergola over Your Patio. Ron has a good video, 10 design steps with video details and instructions. This four post pergola is attached to your house and can cover your backyard patio.

Pergola Design Picture

Rona.com has an Attractive Wooden Pergola that you can attach to your house or build as a stand alone. They have a tools and materials list and five step-by-step instructions with illustrations. It's interesting that in this design they use 6 posts as apposed to the typical 4 post pergola.

How to Plan and Post a Pergola Picture

This article from Popular Mechanics discusses planning, putting the posts in the ground, then adding the girders, rafters and finally intalling the battens to the rafters. There is no material list for the plan but good information you can use when building any of the other Pergola Plans on this page.

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Garden Pergola Plan Image

This Walk Through Garden Pergola Plan from BuildEazy.com has a tool list, a materials list, and detailed instructions with cutting diagrams. The link below also has some pictures of the construction of the pergola.

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Pitched Roof Attached Pergola Plans PDF Picture

This pergola plan shows you how to Build a Pitched Roof Pergola that can be attached to your house or stand alone. This Gable Roof Pergola Design has some good illustrations and directions. However the lengths are in metric and there is not a detailed cut list. But they do have a section for you to fill in your own cut list.

Pergola Design Plans PDF Picture

The Western Red Cedar Lumber Association has this attractive Pergola Design called a Vineyard Pergola. This pergola plan pdf is found on page 17 of the 33 page brochure and give a detailed diagrams with recommended tools, instructions, a cutting list and more.

Cedar Pergola with Hanging Seat PDF Picture

Rona.ca has this Cedar Pergola with a Hanging Seat you can build. The 5 page PDF plan details the design with cutting, tools and materials lists, detailed diagrams with measurements and 20 steps to completion. This hanging seat is not meant as a swing and should only be used for gentle rocking.

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Pergola with Outdoor Kitchen Island PDF Picture

These are two separate free plans. One is for the Kitchen Island and one is for the Pergola with Side Latticework. The pergola looks kind of neat by itself. If you only wish to build the pergola go to page 11 on the PDF for instruction on the Pergola for Outdoor Kitchen Island. These plans have good direction with lots of detailed illustations.

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Cedar Pergola Arch PDF Picture

This Pergola Arch stands around 8 3/4 feet high and is made of cedar wood. Rona.ca has this 4 page PDF project with materials list, and instructions for assembling the posts, and roof, and installing the posts. Many detailed illustations and 15 steps of instructions.

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Platform Deck/Pergola Retreat Idea Picture

Lowes.com has this plan to build a platform deck. They had detailed plans for building the deck but no plans for building the pergola. However it looks so cool I thought I would include it and you will have to find the pergola plan to fit on this deck.

More on Platform Deck Diagrams  PDF Includes Deck Cutting Diagram, Project Diagram, Pier Details, etc

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DIY Patio Pergola Plans Image

This 10 x 10 Patio Pergola Design is well laid out with a materials and tools list, 14 construction illustrations, some with dimensions, and lots of good instructions. The author discusses the layout, pier construction, support beams, and the various shade elements and cross slats.

Backyard Pergola Design Image

The DIY Network has a good how-to on constructing a pergola for your patio. In addition to the tools and materials list, they walk you through planning for a pergola, putting up the columns, assembling, cutting and installing the lintels, purlins and capitals for a pergola. They also have 4 videos on various stages of pergola construction. This project is for an intermediate woodworker who can ad lib their instructions a bit.

How to Build a Pergola by Lowes Photo

Lowes.com has this article on Building a Pergola. There are no full plans here but they have good instructions with some partial illustrations for the various building steps. They discuss laying out the site, setting the posts and beams, placing the rafters, and installing the brace blocks.

Large Pergola with Latticework for Vines Picture

MotherEarthNews.com has this great Backyard Shade Pergola Plan with latticework for vines. The key part of this plan is the 6:32 minute video from the author Steve Maxwell where he walks you through his plan. He covers installing the posts, making the pyramid cuts on the posts, placing crossbeams, shaping the lap joints, raising the roof boards and adding the optional lattice panels. Overall a very attractive project for your backyard.

Over 100 Pergola Pictures and Patio Covers Image

The Landscaping Network has quality pictures of pergolas and patio covers submitted by the builders in their network. There are no plans with these pictures but if you click on the picture you get a larger image. There are all kinds of Outdoor Pergola Ideas here for you to look at. Many attached pergola designs, freestanding, arched, lattice topped, open air, etc.

Unique Stylish Pergola Design Picture

This Unique Pergola Design from CanadianHomeWorkshop.com puts an interesting gable in the middle of the pergola. This pergola is fancier than most and requires a bit more skill for the builder. There is a materials list, a great detailed illustration, however the building instructions are a bit limited. So I would put this plan in the intermediate to advanced woodworker category.

More on Detailed Illustation of the Plan

How to Build a Rustic Pergola  Picture

If a Rustic Pergola made out of logs is what you are looking for then Mother Earth News has this design for you. Make sure you view the Slideshow first to see what the final project looks like and get illustrations on connecting the logs together with Slot Joints and Peg Tenon Joints. Then read the article which is 14 webpages long. This Pergola has a potting bench and sitting bench built in also.

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Building a Wooden Pergola Image

This Free Standing Pergola from MyOutdoorPlans.com give you tools and material lists, 8 construction illustrations, a cutting diagram with dimensions and written instructions to go with the illustrations.

Simple Pergola Plan Photo

I really like this Pergola because it is one of the simplest I have seen. Some 6x6 inch posts, two 6x6 inch beams, 4x4 inch rafters, 1x2 or 2x2 cover boards, with various screw bolts to hold things in place. Of course you still have to decide how to secure the posts in the ground or onto a concrete slab. This plan has good illustrations and directions.

Classic Modern Pergola Project Image

Ry gives you a Modern Classic Pergola that is much more upscale than most for the unbelievable cost of $200 - $300 dollars. This pergola is 8 feet square around the base and a little more than 8 feet tall. Ry has tools, materials, lumber and cutting lists, with 9 step-by-step instructions and over 10 illustations. The design can save you $1000s of dollars over buying most pergola kits.