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Purple Martin House Plans

We point to 7 Purple Martin House Plans. These plans include Building a Purple Martin Gourd House, Building a two story 12 room Purple Martin House, an 8 room Purple Martin House and serveral other plans.

Build a Martin House

Purple Martin House Plans

The Conservation Commission of Missouri has a great Purple Martin House Plan. This 12 room Martin House is two stories. In this Purple Martin House Plan 1 inch of space is allowed in the attic for insulation. A one inch Styrofoam panel works best but newspaper sandwiched between sheets of corrugated cardboard works well too. Paint the house white to reflect the sun. Erect the Purple Martin House on a pole or pipe 12 to 18 feet high away from trees. In late summer large flocks of Purple Martins leave for wintering grounds in South America.

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Build a Purple Martin House

How to Build a Purple Martin House

Handyman Club has this nice 4 page article on Building a Purple Martin Bird House. In this detailed 18 Room Purple Martin House Plan the author suggests cedar for the walls and plywood for the roof and base. There are 7 construction pictures, a detailed exploded Martin House Illustration, a material and cutting list and good written instructions. The author uses a interesting purple martin house pole system with a boat trailer winch to raise and lower the house for nest maintenance. The article also has a section on proper purple martin house placement and some interesting purple martin facts.

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Build a Purple Martin Gourd House

Purple Martin Gourd House

This great 3 page article discusses how to Build a Purple Martin Gourd House. They take you from the raw bottle gourd or birdhouse gourd to the finished Purple Martin Gourd House, an interesting project.

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Purple Martin House

Purple Martin House

Purple Martins eat many types of insects including beetles, flies, dragonflies, mayflies, flying ants, grasshoppers, wasps and many more. This Purple Martin house has rooms for 8 Purple Martin families. Purple Martin bird houses should be at least 8 feet off the ground, be painted white to reflect sunlight and be in an open area at least 30 feet from trees. Martin bird houses need to be cleaned out after each season.

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Purple Martin House

Purple Martin Bird House

This Purple Martin Bird House Plan comes from North Dakota University System and is a bit sparse when it comes to directions but it looks like a well designed bird house.

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Martin House Plans

Martin House Plan

Another very sparse Purple Martin House Plan here from the Wildlife Research Center of the USGS. This one will take some skill and imagination in its construction.

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Decorative Purple Martin House

Decorative Purple Martin House

This Swiss Chalet Style Purple Martin House is very attractive and decorative. There are 4 pages of drawings. Make sure to click on the other pages at the top of the drawings to see the rest of this Purple Martin Swiss Chalet birdhouse plan.

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