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Free Shed Plans

We have over 45 Free Shed Plans listed here. These Free Shed Designs include over 20 Garden Shed Plans, 6 Tool Shed Plans, 6 Wood Shed Plans, How to Build a Storage Shed, DIY Shed Plans, 8x12 Shed Plans, a Potting Shed Plan, DIY Shed for Children, 8x10 Shed Plans, a Craftman Storage Shed and many more Shed Designs and Ideas.

Garden Shed Plans Picture

Garden Shed Plans

Garden Sheds are used to store your lawn equipment like lawn mowers, and garden tools. We currently have a over 20 Free Garden Shed Plans listed. These Garden Shed Designs include some Small Garden Shed Plans, and 8x10 Gabled Garden Storage Shed Plan, How to Build a Garden Shed,

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Tool Shed Plans Photo

Tool Shed Plans

Tool Sheds allow you to keep your garden tools organized and out of the weather. We provide you with 6 Free Tool Shed Plans including a Lean-to Tool Shed, a Garden Tool Shed Plan, a "Super" Tool Shed, a DIY Outdoor Tool Shed, and several more free tool shed designs.

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Build a Shed Photo

Build a Shed

This attractive shed plan comes from Roma of Canada. This storage shed is almost 8x8 and the plan comes in a detailed 13 page PDF. The have the foundation layout, building the shed floor, walls, roof and exterior finish. See the webpage and pdf page 11 for the written instructions. There are over 14 detailed diagrams of the building stages. They also have a detailed shed materials list on pages 12 & 13.

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How to Build a Shed Photo

How to Build a Shed

Just Sheds Inc has this great free 31 page PDF titled How to Build Sheds Construction Guide. This guide is helpful for all DIY Shed Plan Builders. They discuss Startup which talks about checking for utility lines and getting permits; Excavation:choosing shed location, excavating for piers; Foundation:different types of shed foundations; Floor Framing: covering framing techniques, platform framing, etc; Wall Framing: discussing regular walls and irregular shaped walls; Roof Framing: discussing installing rafters & barn style roofs; Roofing, Windows & Doors and Siding. While this Shed Construction Guide is not a Shed Plan it is an overall great guide on How to Build a Shed. See other Free Shed Plans on this page for detailed shed building instructions.

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8x10 Storage Shed Photo

8x10 Storage Shed has this nice 8x10 Storage Shed Project. There is a materials list, and many detailed diagrams and illustrations running through building the shed floor, constructing the walls, roof, building the shed door, and a separate page on how to nail and fasten the various shed building materials. Please read the entire 14 webpages before starting this shed project.

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Backyard Storage Shed Image

Backyard Storage Shed

This Storage Shed Plan from comes as a one page PDF. They put a lot of info on this page including over 12 diagrams, a lumber, hardware and other materials list, and some limited instructions. This is a good plan for an intermediate to advanced woodworker who can improvise.

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Board and Batten Shed Picture

Board and Batten Shed

Another fine Shed Plan from is this Board and Batten Shed Plan. They include 10 pages of step by step instructions for building a 7x8 Board & Batten Shed. This includes a detailed parts list; layout diagrams of the floor, roof, walls; the dimensions of individual wall and roof members showing the lengths and angle cuts; building the shed door and putting on the roof sheeting and boards. Also see the shopping list on page 10 for more material you will need. This is a very detailed shed plan so make sure you go through all the pages before you start your Shed Building Project.

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Wood Shed Plans Photo

Wood Shed Plans

Do you need a Woodshed to store your winter wood pile? We currently have 6 Free Woodshed Plans and 2 good How to Build a Woodshed videos. These free woodshed designs include a DIY Wood Shed Plan, a Funky Wood Shed Design, How to Build a Woodshed, Building a Rustic Wood Shed and several more woodshed designs. We also link to our Firewood Rack Plans which is simpler to build than a wood shed.

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How to Build a Storage Shed Image

How to Build a Storage Shed

Family Handyman has this Free 8x12 Shed Plan. This is a great article that has detailed step by step instructions for a Building a DIY Shed. They have a Shed materials list ( See 3rd Link Below ), several good detailed illustrations, 15 building pictures, and written instructions. While they call this a Cheap Shed Plan I am not sure their estimate of $1,800 is cheap? However I think that is certainly a fair price for this nice DIY Shed that you can be proud of.

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Potting Shed Plans Image

Potting Shed Plans

Here are some gorgeous 8x10 Potting Shed Plans from Progressive Farmer. This Potting Shed has a dutch door, three windows, two inside counter tops, a 6 foot overhang with a potting shelf outside. This 12 page PDF has detailed diagrams and limited instructions for the shed foundation and floor plan, the roof plan, the various elevations: front, left, right and back, and then a page on shed construction notes. Page 11 has a materials list. I have also linked below to their old original web article which has some useful photos and shed building instructions. Finally there is a link to an article about this shed plan with a picture of the inside of this potting shed.

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Utility Shed Plans Photo

Utility Shed Plans

This 8x8 Utility Shed Plan is from the University of Tennessee, Institue of Agriculture. The plan comes as a free 2 page pdf. This cheap shed plan should be easy for an intermediate or advanced woodworker to build. I has 11 main diagrams, a detailed bill of materials, an optional wood shed skid foundation, one window, a simple sliding door and sloped roof that overhangs the front by about 2 1/2 feet. Overall an shed plan with good diagrams and few instructions.

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DIY Shed for Children Photo

DIY Shed for Children

This is a simple DIY Shed Plan for a Children's Shed. It is 6 feet tall in the middle on a 6x6 floor plan. They have 5 diagrams and some building instructions. You can add a door and shutters if you want. This looks to be an inexpensive small shed that should be easy to build.

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Summer Shade Shed Image

Summer Shade Shed

This Summer Shed would be fun as a relaxing place for a picnic table or outdoor lounge chairs. It has an attractive style to it and the lattice walls would be nice for vines or climbing roses. This Summer Shed Plan has 3 drawings and 4 work photos. with some instructions. However you will need to ad lib some so this would good for an advanced or expert woodworker.

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8x12 Shed Plans Image

8x12 Shed Plans

This Black & Decker Basic 8 x 12 Shed Plan is quite attractive. This garden shed includes a gable roof, side & rear windows, double doors, and an optional wooden ramp that lets you put away your lawn mower or other large yard equipment. These 8 x 12 Shed Plans have over 20 detailed drawings and illustrations with 9 step by step instructions. These steps include Building the Foundation & Floor Frame, Framing the Shed Walls, Framing the Shed Roof, Building the Gable Overhangs, Installing the Fascia, Sheathing & Roofing, Installing the Soffits & Siding, Building and Installing the Shed Doors, Buiding and Installing the Windows & Trim and finally Building the Optional Wooden Ramp. Overall a very attractive DIY Project for your yard. Please look at the three links below and read everything before starting this project. This basic shed project would be good for an intermediate and above woodworker.

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Craftsman Storage Shed Photo

Craftsman Storage Shed

This Storage Shed Plan from The Family Handyman is stunning. The Craftsman Shed has a large 4 x 17 ft attic, 10 x 10 ft of storage in the lower level, wide double doors, a covered porch workspace and more. It is a 27 page pdf with over 40 color picture, over 20 color illustrations and 34 step by step building instructions. This is a fairly major shed construction project so don't underestimate its complexity. However this Craftsman Shed looks gorgeous and would make a fine addition to anyone's property.

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How to Build a Shed Floor Image

How to Build a Shed Floor

This 8 page PDF "How-to Build a Shed Floor" comes from Deck System and is a good piece on building a shed floor. I put this article here to just give you some good ideas for Building a Shed Floor. Improvise with this you don't need to do it exactly as this article says.

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How to Make a Shed Door Image

How to Make a Shed Door has this good article on How to Make a Shed Door. This shed door is 3 x 6' 11'' but you can change the size to fit your shed. There are 6 illustrations, a materials list, and 5 steps of instructions. Also look at the second link below for How to Install a Shed Door.

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