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Free Shoe Rack Plans

We have over 15 Free Shoe Rack Plans listed. I found lots of different ideas for Storing Your Shoes. There are Shoe Racks for Your Closet, some Shoe Cabinets, Shoe Cubbies from Ana White, Stand Alone Shoe Shelves, several Shoe Racks to Mount on Your Wall, lots of interesting Shoe Storage Projects from old Popular Mechanics articles and more attractive Shoe Rack Designs and Ideas. Have fun!

Small Shoe Rack Photo

This Small Wooden Shoe Rack relies on tight joints so you need to carefully cut them. This design just has pictures with no materials list or cut list. You need to ad lib the whole project from looking at the 19 pictures. It is compact and well made.

Shoe Cabinet Image

This attractive Shoe Rack has 5 shelves with a divider on each shelf. It is 3 feet wide and 3 feet tall. Rod has good photos, lots of diagrams, and 5 written instruction steps including cutting the box and shelf pieces, assembling the box pieces, making and attaching the front frame and back panel, making and attaching the doors and a discussion of finishing the cabinet with wood filler, sanding and coats of poly.

How to Build a Shoe Rack for Your Closet Image

Create this Closet Shoe Rack with little problems. This small shoe rack holds 6 to 8 pairs of shoes and can fit in tight spaces. HGTV.com gives you the materials needed, 6 pictures and brief instructions. Not much hand holding with this plan but it is not very difficult.

Shoe Storage Shelves PDF Image

Here is a very professional plan from Craftsman.com. This design holds over 20 pairs of shoes in a very convenient arrangement if you have enough space for this. The project, as shown, is 6 feet high and each shelf is 22 inches wide and 1 foot deep. You can of course adjust the plan to make it larger or smaller to fit your needs. This 3 page plan has good diagrams, photos and directions.

See the Youtube Video below for How to Build this exact plan.

How to Make a Shoe Rack

In the above 4:38 minute How to Build a Shoe Rack Video Rob North takes you through making this project. Here is the link to the PDF of this plan Craftsman Shoe Rack Plan.

Build a Shoe Organizer Picture

FamilyHandyman.com has this Inexpensive Shoe Organizer made from wooden dowels and 1 inch lumber. Look carefully at the photo with the hole measurements. The 5 inches to the center of the second hole looks like it should be from the left edge of the board and not from the middle of the first hole. Draw your measurements on a paper template first to make sure the holes work.

1950's DIY Shoe Rack Image

Popular Mechanics has this easy dowel shoe storage rack. They just have two illustrations with no instructions, however this rack is so simple you don't really need the instructions. It just takes a 10x6 inch board, some 1/4 inch wooden dowels and wood glue to make this easy rack.

Shoe Storage Shelf Picture

This Large Shoe Storage Shelf is 32 inches tall, 12 inches deep and a little over 5 feet wide. This would be a good project for in intermediate woodworker and would fit well on the side of a deep closet.

Shoe Dresser Image

Ana-White.com has this Shoe Dresser which is slightly over 3 feet tall, 6 inches deep and over 4 feet wide. She created a very clever design that saves space and has a lot of capacity. This might be a bit tricky to build but is good for an intermediate woodworker. Ana, as usual, has materials and cut list with detailed illustrations and instructions.

Shoe Storage Stand Photo

I'm not sure how practical this shoe rack is but it looks cool and retro since it comes from a 1943 Popular Mechanics article. They have a cutting pattern, and an illustration with dimension on it. There are limited written instructions.

Ultimate Shoe Storage Cabinet Photo

Ana White has this great Shoe Shrine. The picture has three of these cabinets put together. Each cabinet is over 7 feet tall and a little over 2 feet wide. You can customize it by changing were the boot cubbies are verses the shoe cubbies. The boot slots are 25 inches high and the shoe slots are 12 inches high. Each cubbie is 11 3/4 inches deep. Ana has a shopping and cutting list with 10 step-by-step instructions with detailed illustrations.

Shoe Storage Furniture Plan Picture

The Design Confidential has this 39 inch high shoe chest with 12 cubbies for shoes. Each slot is almost 1 foot deep and about 8 inches high. Cher-Ann gives you tools, lumber and materials lists with 5 steps of instructions with good illustrations. Your cutting has to be precise with this plan so be careful.

Boot Rack and Scraper Photo

Better Homes and Gardens has this Outdoor Boot Rack with a Mud Scraper and Boot Jack Build in. This simple design accomplishes a lot for keeping your boots in order. They have a large diagram (see below link ) a parts, materials and dimensions list ( in metric ), and 7 step-by-step instructions.

More on Boot Rack with Scraper Large Diagram

Entryway Storage Organizer Picture

I like this adjustable shelf Entryway Organizer from FamilyHandyman.com. It has places for shoes, coats and other entryway odds and ends. The shelves are adjustable along most of the height so it gives you many options for the three divided sections. One section could have no shelves so you can hang coats. They use pine panel, finished plywood and clear pine lumber. This Hall Organizer is 7 feet tall, 4 feet wide and 17 1/4 inches deep.

More on Hall Organizer Detailed Illustration  PDF

More on Printable Materials and Cut List  PDF

Hanging Shoe Rack Idea Picture

I like this Home Made Shoe Rack from the March 1908 Popular Mechanics. The rack has two 3 foot long boards that are 9 inches wide and six partitions between the boards. The top of the shoe pockets is 5 inches wide and the bottom is 2 inches wide. The plan just has a illustration with 2 figures and a brief explanation. Once finished it can be placed on the wall of your clothes closet.

Shoe Cubbies Photo

This shoe cubby is part of a larger closet system that Ana White built. You can build this part separately if you want to. This cubby fits shoes, handbags and other clothing accessories. Ana has good instructions for building this piece. Each cubbie is 5 7/8 inches high and 6 7/8 inches wide.

Floor to Ceiling Shoe Shelves Picture

This is a big piece of furniture. It is over 7 1/2 feet tall and only 16 1/2 inches deep so it needs to be attached to the wall so it doesn't fall on you. The author gives detailed instruction on building this Large Shoe Rack with a materials and tools list, a detailed cutting list and 10 step-by-step instructions with photos. There is no illustration with dimensions so you will have to draw that out yourself from the cut list before you start.

Closet Door Shoe Rack Picture

The 1947 Popular Mechanics has this two strip shoe rack that fastens to the closet door or wall. The notches in the top strip will need to vary in size to fit your various shoe sizes. Looks good for men's leather dress shoes.

Shoe Storage in Closet Door Idea Photo

This interesting design from Popular Mechanics can attach to the back of a closet door. This 5 shelf rack can hold up to 15 or 20 pairs of shoes. You will need to adjust the dimensions to fit your closet door. This plan has a illustration and limited instructions.

Wire U Shoe Storage Image

This Shoe Storage System uses heavy coat hanger wire to create U shaped 10 inch holder for shoes. The wire is mounted in a 1x4 inch board and can be mounted on the closet wall or over the door frame.