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We point to over 12 Free Swing Set Plans. These designs include A-Frame Swing Set Plans, a Super Swing Set from Popular Mechanics, How to Build a Swing Set for a Playhouse, a Kid's Wooden Playset, How to Make a Tire Swing, a Children's Tree Swing, Playground Equipment Plans from the USDA and many more great Swing Set Projects and Ideas.

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This Basic Swing Set Plan from HandymanUSA.com is a simple 2 seat swing set that you can put together in an afternoon. This design includes a materials list, two illustrations, three pictures and 8 step-by-step building instructions.

How to Build a Wooden Kid's Swing Set Picture

Here is an attractive two seat swing set from HGTV.com. They have over 40 construction pictures with detailed instructions. There is a materials list and fairly basic tools and lumber are required. The biggest issue will probably be correctly setting the posts in the concrete.

Modern A-Frame Swingset Photo

Create this stable three seat swing set from HGTV.com. This is a unique design with a material needed list, and over 30 construction pictures. They have good detailed instructions for determining the location, digging the post holes, creating the frame, building the seats, etc.

Build a Swing Set for a Playset Picture

Ana-White.com discusses how to add a swingset to a playhouse. You can also build this swing set as a freestanding project, see her comments toward the bottom of the article. Ana has some good diagrams, a shopping and tool list, a cut list and good general instructions with 5 steps and illustrations. You will need to alter the shopping list if you are building this as a free standing A Frame Swingset.

Playground Equipment Plans Picture

These play ground equipment plans are from the US Department of Agriculture. They include a Gym Set on the last page with a Swing Set Plan. They also include a sandbox, a teeter totter, a child's swing, a child's wagon and a sliding board diagram. There are no written instructions with these plans.

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Popular Mechanics has this three page article on building a Super A-Frame Swingset. This swing set includes two single swings, a 4 seat swing, a tire swing, a trapeze, a slide, a handover hand climber, a rope ladder, a fireman's pole and a covered platform. Their swing design has one page of detailed diagrams with dimensions, and some written instructions. There is no materials list but you can get the dimensions from the illustrations. This article is three pages long so make sure you also see page 264 and page 266. I link to the additional pages below.

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Kids Wooden Playset Plans Photo

These free Playset Plans are from Hot4Cad.com and include a 9 page PDF with a cut list, a parts list, and over 12 CAD Drawings of the designs. This play set has 4 swings, a slide, a platform with a roof and a sandbox under the platform.

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A-Frame Swing Set Plans Picture

HGTV.com has a nice article on Building a Children's Swing Set this article has a materials and tools list, 5 clear construction pictures, and 8 step by step written instructions. This sturdy, heavy-duty wooden swing set should last you awhile.

Build Your Own Swing Image

This Decorative Kid's Swing comes from Better Homes and Gardens Australia. All the measurements are in metric. This 6 page PDF design includes 29 step by step instruction with a photo for each step. They also have a supply list and some illustrations and diagrams.

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How to Make a Tire Swing Photo

Instructables.com has this great article on Building a Tire Swing. The author has 17 pages of instructions with over 30 color photos. He discusses selecting the tire, attaching the eye bolts to the tire, attaching the S-Hooks, attaching the top swivel to the chain, connecting the chain to the tree and more. It is also instructive to skim the 80 or more comments on this article.

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Roma.ca has this great pdf on Building a Children's Play Structure. This structure has two swings, a play slide, a platform with a small roof and a sandbox at ground level. The PDF article includes many pages of step-by-step written instructions, with over 15 construction illustrations with detailed drawings and a materials list.

Wooden Freestanding Swing Frame Photo

This free standing swing set from CreativeHomeowner.com has a tools and materials list, and written instructions with 5 construction diagrams. There is no picture of the finished swingset but the directions and illustrations are detailed enough for an intermediate woodworker.

King of Backyard Swingsets Image

MotherEarthNews.com has this attractive wood DIY Outdoor Swingset that has two swings, a slide platform and a sandbox underneath. This plan has three pages of written building instructions and a gallery of images that has detailed diagrams and a play set material list.

Tree Swing Photo

If you have a good tree limb, sometimes it's easier to put a swing in a tree. MotherEarthNews.com discusses putting up your tree swing. They have 5 pages of instructions covering: making a swing seat, creating a rope sling, the best way to attach a rope to the limb, and more. Look to the image gallery on their page for illustrations on building a swing seat.

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These pictures of Swing Sets from Google Images can give you some ideas for building your own. Look through the hundreds of images of swingsets and see if something inspires you.

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Looking at playset assembly instructions can give you lots of great ideas for building your own playset. This 56 page PDF has a tools and hardware list, a cutting list, and countless illustrations of the construction process. You will have to ad lib because they use some specialized hardware. See links below for another Assembly Manual and to see some Swing Set Kits.

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Build a Swing Set with a Playhouse Picture

This Double Decker Playhouse has swings, a slide, monkey bars, and a two level platform. This DIYNetwork.com playset project is fairly complicated and they classify the difficulty as hard. You will need to have confidence in your woodworking ability because you will need to ad lib some here. The instructions are fairly general with not much hand holding. Also it is missing a complete materials list.