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Free Tomato Trellis Designs

We point to over 12 Free Tomato Trellis Plans. These plans include an A-Frame Tomato Trellis from Fine Gardening Magazine, several Tomato Trellis Systems, over 50 Bamboo Tomato Trellis Ideas from the Michigan State University, the Basket Weave Trellis System from the University of Wisconsin, many Simple Tomato Trellis Plans, the Florida Weave Tomato Trellis, has a horizontal Homemade Tomato Trellis Design, a Tomato Ladder Plan from Popular Mechanics and many more great Tomato Trellis Projects and Ideas.

Building an A-Frame Tomato Trellis Photo

This A Frame Tomato String Trellis Design comes from Taunton Press. The trellis is a little less than 6 feet tall and is 10 feet long. With this wooden tomato trellis you use string to guide the tomato vines vertically, twining the trellis string around the tomato plants as the vines grow. This free plan has detailed illustrations, a materials and tools list and simple, easy to follow written instructions.

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Tomato Trellis System Image

This Tomato Trellising System comes from Jon Sarriugarte's Dad, whose family has grown tomatos for generations. The cedar trellises are in sections 5 feet high and 6 feet wide with heavy duty 7 foot T-Posts to anchor each section. When the tomatoes hit the top of the trellises he uses concrete reinforcing wire to build an arch between two rows. This adds another 3 or 4 vertical feet to the structure. The tomato plants can grow to 9 feet vertical and then continue over the arch for tomato plants as long as 14 feet.

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Tomato Trellising Florida Weave Image has this good article on keeping tomatoes off the ground by growing them vertically. The second idea on the page is tying tomatoes using the "Florida Weave". Which is just stakes and twine. This system of supporting tomatoes is good for long rows. Also this page has another Tomato Trellising Idea at the bottom of the article.

Florida Weave Tomato Trellis System Video
This video on Using the Florida Weave for Trellising Tomatoes comes from the University of Georgia. See the articles above and below the video for more information on the Florida Weave, also called a Basket Weave Trellis.
Basket Weave Tomato Trellis System Image

This Growing Fresh Market Tomatoes guide from the University of Wisconsin comes as a 36 page PDF with lots of good information about growing tomatoes. On page 7 of the PDF they discuss Setting Up a Basket Weave Trellis System. Overall an interesting guide for DIY Tomato Growers.

Tomato High Tunnel Trellising Plan Photo

The University of Minnesota has this great 5 page PDF on High Tunnel Trellising which works well with tomatoes or cucumbers. This trellis is about 8 feet high and 10 feet wide. They have some good pictures of the finished trellis, a construction diagram and a materials list. This tomato trellis tunnel is for commercial growers but you could scale this to your needs. Also see the link below for all the sections of the Minnesota High Tunnel Production Manual for Commercial Growers. The manual has some more specific information on growing tomato plants in a High Tunnel Trellis.

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Bamboo Tomato Trellis Ideas Picture

This is a fascinating 53 page PDF from a Michigan State University, Department of Horticulture conference. There are over 50 large photos of many Bamboo Trellis Designs. Look through this document for many great trellis ideas.

Homemade Tomato Trellis Design Picture has an article about designing an inexpensive Tomato Trellising System. These trellis panels are hung horizontally and the tomato plants are allowed to grow up through the panels. Each panel consists of a 4x8 foot frame with a lattice work of galvanized steel wire. The author suggests using three panel hung horizontally with a one foot spacing between each panel. The article has good photos and written instructions for this design.

Simple Tomato Trellis Picture

This Easy Tomato Trellis Plan comes from Organic Gardening Magazine. You just create two bamboo tripods about 7 feet apart and put a horizontal bamboo support pole between the tops of the tripods. Then train the tomato vines up pieces of sisal twine attached to the bamboo tomato support beams. They also suggest to maximize space in your garden you can use the tripods for beans or cucumbers.

A Frame Tomato Trellis Design Image

This A-Frame Tomato Trellis Idea comes from an 1875 book called "Gardening for Pleasure, A Guide to the Amateur in the Fruit, Vegetable, and Flower Garden". This Tomato Trellis Design is just a illustration with minimal instructions. See next design below for lumber dimensions.

Tomato Trellis A-Frame Image

This design from a 19th Century Magazine is just a diagram of an A-Frame Tomato Trellis with lumber dimension on the illustration.

Trellising Tomatoes Image

This design from Popular Mechanics allows you to trellis tomatoes up a structure comprised of 3 four foot high stakes with 3 cross slats spaced at 1 foot intervals and nailed to the stakes. This is a simple and elegant tomato trellising system. This plan is just an diagram with some brief written instructions.

Tomato Double Trellis Picture

The Double Tomato Trellis Design from American Garden Magazine in 1888. Is really an ad for "White's Trellis for Garden Crops." White's Trellis is an A-Frame Trellis with slats connected with galvanized wire then leaned together in an a-frame structure and stabilized with guy-wires. This plan is mainly an illustration with limited instructions. See the link below for another view of the trellis. In the off season these trellises can be rolled up and stored.

More on White's Trellis Another View

Tomato Trellis Latter Picture

This Tomato Ladder Plan is from Popular Mechanics and is a simple design to support tomato plants and keep them off the ground. They have an illustration with lumber dimensions and written building instructions. This article also has a Cucumber Trellis at the top of the page.

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