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Free Tool Shed Plans

We have 6 Free Tool Shed Plans listed here. These Tool Shed Designs include a Lean-to Tool Shed, a DIY Outdoor Tool Shed, a Garden Tool Shed Plan, How to Build a Tool Shed Under the Eaves, a useful 6 minute video on How to Build a Lean-to Storage Shed and some other DIY Tool Shed Plans.

Build a Garden Tool Shed Image

Build a Garden Tool Shed has an article about Building a Tool Shed. They have a materials list near the end of the article. There is a picture of the finished tool shed at the top of the page and one tool shed design illustation giving the measurements. The instructions on building this garden tool shed are a bit sparse but an intermediate woodworker should not have any serious problems with this tool shed plan.

Super Tool Shed Photo

Super Tool Shed

Popular Mechanics has put together this Super Tool Shed Plan to store your outdoor tools. This tool shed plan has 17 step by step instructions with pictures. They also include a good illustration of the plan. Look for the link at the bottom of the first Intro Page called "Click on Link for Plans" for the illustration. Look at the second link below for the detailed illustration of this tool shed design.

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DIY Outdoor Tool Shed Image

DIY Outdoor Tool Shed

The Family Handyman has this easy to build Outdoor Storage Locker Plan. This Outdoor Tool Shed has a foot print of 8 x 4 feet and is around 4 3/4 feet tall. Family Handyman have a cutting list, a materials list, a tool list and two detailed design illustrations. They are 7 step-by-step instructions with a picture of each step. Make sure you look at the bottom of the article for the Additional Information Links follow these 4 links for the various cutting lists and tool shed design illustrations.

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Build a Tool Shed Under-the-Eaves Image

Build a Tool Shed Under-the-Eaves

This Vertical Tool Shed is attached to your house under the eaves. This tool shed is 15 1/2 inches deep and is 7 1/2 feet tall and 6 feet wide. Sunset Magazine includes a tools list, a material list, a detailed tool shed design illustration and 15 steps of written directions.

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Lean to Tool Shed Photo

Lean to Tool Shed

Black & Decker has an attractive Lean-to Tool Shed Plan. This large storage tool bin is free standing and has a wooden skid so it can be moved. The rear wall of this Tool Shed is 8 ft tall allowing lots of room for hanging tools. They include a materials list, many illustrations and detailed step by step instructions on the second page. This tool shed plan is on and the plan illustrations are too small to read in many cases. The third link below is to Google Books and has larger design illustrations for this Lean to Tool Shed Plan.

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Garden Tool Shed Plans Photo

Garden Tool Shed Plans has a well done Garden Tool Shed Plan. This 5 page PDF plan has detailed instructions on Building a Tool Shed with a materials list for the framing, the roof and the door. There are many illustrations, and instructions discussing the tool shed layout, foundation, floor, wall framing, rafters, siding installation, roofing installation and building the door.

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How to Build a Lean to Style Tool Shed Video

In the above How to Build a Lean-To Storage Shed the author takes you through how he built a 8x4 lean to wood storage shed off his back patio. He created his own plans. So you will have to look at the other Tool Shed Plans on this page for the plans. However he does a very good job of taking you through the building process including creating a foundation on uneven ground. This is a worthwhile 6 minute video to watch before you start your Tool Shed construction.

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