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Free Trestle Table Plans

We point to 14 Free Trestle Table Plans. These plans include a Beautiful Pine Trestle Table with Benches, a Shaker Trestle Table, a Simple Trestle Table, How to Build a Trestle Table, a Trestle Coffee Table, a Small Trestle Dining Table Plan, a Inexpensive Trestle Table Design, a Medieval Trestle Table and some more great Trestle Table Projects and Designs.

A Beautiful Trestle Table You Can Make Picture

This 6 seat Trestle Table with Benches Plan is from Popular Mechanics Magazine. The 4 page article has a lot of clear diagrams and a couple of pictures. The project diagrams have the materials measurements on them. They suggest using pine for this Early American Style Table.

Trestle Table And Benches Picture

This Trestle Table Project is in a 5 page PDF file and includes a detailed materials list, two pages of clear exploded diagrams, and 9 step-by-step instructions. The author suggests pine or oak as a good choice of wood for this table.

Build A Cheap Trestle Table Image

This Inexpensive Trestle Table is on There are 25 construction pictures, a good materials and tools list, and lots of written building instructions. The author is a professional carpenter and furniture maker and says the table should cost around $100.

Small Trestle Dining Table Image

This Modern Trestle Table Plan comes from Popular Mechanics and is nicely done. There are detailed diagrams of the table and chairs with 21 building pictures. There are 6 step-by-step instructions for the table and 15 step by step instructions for building the swivel chairs. These plans are on 9 pages of the magazine so look for the blue links at the bottom of the page telling you where to go next.

Pilgrim Trestle Table With Benches Picture

This attractive Trestle Table and Bench Plan will accommodate six people. They have clear illustrations with dimensions and a picture of the finished project. They suggest that the table top can be made of white pine, birch or maple for indoor use. They also suggest to use hard pine for the trestle frame.

Trestle Coffee Table Picture

If you want a unique coffee table then this might be your plan. This plan is from Popular Mechanics Magazine and is 7 pages long. There are 15 construction pictures with instructions. There is a good exploded diagram with dimensions. There is no materials list with this design.

Trestle Table Plan Picture

American Woodworker Magazine has this Simple Trestle Table Plan. The project has three clear illustrations with dimensions. There are limited written instructions and no materials list. This plan is part of a longer article on the Basics of Mortise and Tenon Joints. See the link below for the full article.

More on Mortise & Tenon Joint Basics Article

How To Build A Trestle Table Image

Popular Mechanics has this Simple Trestle Table Plan with 7 illustrations, a basic tools list, building instructions and a great animated pdf which allows you to see the table from any angle. However this plan is missing a materials list so you will have to make that yourself from the illustrations.

More on Trestle Table Plan PDF  Animated PDF

Outdoor Trestle Table Image has a great plan for a trestle table made for outdoor use. This plan has a good materials list, 5 step-by-step instruction pages with over 35 construction pictures. This trestle table is not build to be taken apart once finished.

How To Make A Trestle Table Image

This Medieval Trestle Table Plan comes in an 18 page PDF. There are many clear illustrations, and lots of written instructions. The author says this woodworking project is for a woodworker of moderate skill level.

Diy Colonial Trestle Table Image

Popular Science has this one page plan that includes two illustrations and very little instructions. There are measurements on the illustration but you will have to ad lib much of this trestel table design.

Modern Trestle Table Plans (Circa: 1937) Image

This plan from Popular Science Magazine is two pages long and has some drawings, 3 pictures and some limited instructions. There is a materials list on the second page. The second page of the plans on page 125. This table was make out of Douglass Fir.

Simple Trestle Table Image

This Easy Trestle Table Plan was published in Popular Science Magazine in 1958. The table top is a flush 36x80 inch door, with some 2x3 inch lumber for legs, some 1x6 inch lumber for crossbraces and a 4 inch closet pole for stability. This plan has a lumber and hardware list, and 3 construction pictures with instructions. There are also 3 other table plans in this article.

Trestle Table Plans Picture

This Plywood Trestle Table Plan is from the Canadian Plywood Association. The 7 page PDF has a good materials list, cutting diagram, illustrations with some directions. This plan does use some regular lumber as a frame around the plywood table top.


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