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Free Wine Rack Plans

We have over 35 Free Wine Rack Plans listed here. These Free Wine Rack Designs include several Modular Wine Rack Plans, Wall Wine Rack Plans, several How to Build a Wine Rack Videos, several DIY Wine Racks, several Kitchen Wine Rack Designs, How to Make a Wine Rack and Glass Holder, many Wooden Wine Rack Plans, some Hanging Wine Racks and many more Wine Rack Designs and Ideas.

3 Wine Rack Plans
Three Wine Rack Plans

Popular Mechanics has these designs that show you 3 Ways to Build Your Own Wine Racks. These projects include a 12 Wine Bottle Rack, a Modular Wine Rack that can hold up to 10 cases of wine and Mediterranean Metal Wine Rack Plans. You will need welding and metal working experience to build the Metal Wine Rack. Finally on page 216 there is a Closet Wine Rack Design too.

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Build a Wine Rack Photo
Build a $25 Wine Rack

This Cheap Wine Rack Plan is an attractive wine and glass rack from Canadian Home Workshop. There is a materials list and a great pdf with an illustration of this small wine rack and wine glass holder with detailed cutting diagrams. This Tabletop Wine Rack places your wine, wineglasses and corkscrew all conveniently at your finger tips and is a great DIY Woodworking Project.

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Balancing Wine Bottle Holder
Balancing Wine Bottle Holder Plans

Did you ever wonder How to Make a Gravity Defying Wine Bottle Holder to impress your friends. Well we have 5 Free Balancing Single Bottle Wine Holder Plans listed that are easy to build. These are great woodworking gifts that you can make.

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Vintage Winerack Plan
Vintage Wine Rack Plan

Home at Home Hardware has this great Vintage Table Top Wine Rack DIY project. This 12 Wine Bottle Rack is made out of oak and can be easily modified to accommodate more or less wine bottles. There are step by step building instructions with a tools and material list. They link to two pdfs at the bottom of the page with detailed illustrations. This winerack consists of three levels with five wooden wine rack pieces on each level and two copper pipe lengths connecting the pieces of each level.

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Build an Cheap Wine Rack
Build an Inexpensive Wine Rack

This winerack project plan from is made from PVC pipes, plywood and a sheet of pegboard for the back. With the general idea you can resize the box and pvc pipe sizes to fit different size wine bottles. This winerack plan as shown can hold 28 winebottles. This project is on 4 separate pages including Part 1: The Construction, Part 2: The Painting and Finishing, the Appendix: Our Actual Measurements and don't miss the FAQs about this PVC Wine Rack Project.

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Sleek 6 Bottle Wall Winerack Plans
Sleek 6 Bottle Wall Wine Rack Plans

These Wall Mounted Wine Rack Plans are from Lowes Creative Ideas. This wall design is poplar and stained. Lowes has a great project diagram and project cut list in pdf form. There are assembly instructions and 4 nice photos. This wall wine rack would go well in the kitchen or dining room to display your favorite vintages.

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Build a Modular Wine Rack
Modular Wine Rack

This Woodworking Plan from shows you How to Make a Modular Wine Rack. There are 8 pages of instructions & pictures. Each rack of this modular winerack holds 6 bottles so you can make as many racks as you need and stack them. Don't miss the link below to the design diagram pdf.

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Wood Wine Rack Plans
Wine Rack Plans

ShopSmith Hands-on gives you this attractive Simple Wine Rack Plan for 8 bottles of wine. This small tabletop winerack has a classic design and will look great in your dining room or kitchen. They include written instructions, 3 illustrations (links at bottom of article) and a materials list. This inexpensive do-it-yourself wine rack should cost less than $20.

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How to Build a Wine Rack Video
  by Ron Hazelton

Ron Hazelton has this video on How to Build a Cherry Wood Wine Rack. This 15 Wine Bottle Rack does not use screws, nails or glue. Ron uses dados & notches so you can assemble and disassemble this winerack easily. See Ron's webpage below for his 8 step by step building plans and videos that show you how to make this attractive Table Top Wine Rack.

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DIY Wine Rack
DIY Wine Rack Plans

This plywood project from Popular Science is created from a single sheet of 4 x 8 ft plywood. This project plan only has detailed diagrams of the project on page 103. There are no building instructions in this article but look at the second link below for the pdf instructions for building this wine rack from the Canadian Plywood Association. This is a great Wine and Glass Rack. It is an ingenious design that won first prize in the Popular Science Full Sheet plywood category contest.

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Modern Wine Bottle Storage Rack
Modern Wine Storage Rack

Lowes Creative Ideas has these kitchen Store and Stack Wine Rack Plans. They use 4 inch PVC pipe cut 11 1/2 inches long. This is a Vertical Wine Rack with a galvanized side panel that is magnet friendly. This is a great Kitchen Wine Rack Plan. This project is for an intermediate woodworker and Lowes includes a materials list, a tool list, a pdf project diagram, a PVC Cutting Jig illustration pdf and 4 steps of written instructions. Lowes estimates the materials will cost around $80.

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Build a Handcrafted Winerack
Build a Handcrafted Wine Rack

HGTV has two interesting wine rack plans. First they show you How to Build a Handcrafted Wine Rack with a materials list, 7 step by step building instructions and 4 working pictures. The second winerack plan they have is an innovative, Simple Primative Wine Rack made from wooden dowels and reclaimed lumber. The primative rack design really just involves drilling some hold in a 32 inch block of wood and putting some dowels in it. has 17 working pictures and some written instructions over 3 pages. This is a very simple wine rack design that looks fun.

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Wine Cube Plans
Cube Wine Rack Plans

This X Cube Wine Rack Plan is from Mitre10. This is a great winerack design because you can build a number of cubes and stack them horizontally or vertically. Then you can fasten the boxes together for more stability. In this 4 page pdf Mitre10 includes a materials list, a cutting list, a tools list, a illustration and detailed instructions. Since Mitre10 is an Australian company these Wine Cube Rack Plans are in metric.

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Wall Mounted Wine Rack Design
Wall Mounted Wine Rack Plans

This Hanging Wine Rack Plan is from American Woodworker. This wine bottle rack holds 11 bottles of wine. They have a picture of the finished wall wine rack, a cutting diagram and some written instructions. The author suggests using hardwood such as walnut, oak, ash, maple, cherry or teak. He says that since this winerack can hold close to 30 pound when fully loaded a softwood might not be strong enough.

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Large Wine Rack Project
Large Wine Rack Plans

This free wine storage plan from Dempsey Woodworking can hold up to 172 regular wine bottles. This wine cabinet is approximately 5 feet high by about 3.3 feet wide. The plan has some good pictures, 3 detailed diagrams including a cutting plan, a materials & tools list and some good written instructions. The author claims this wine cabinet is good for an intermediate woodworker.

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Wine Rack Bookcase Conversion Plans
Convert a Bookcase into a Wine Rack

Better Homes & Gardens has this plan to convert an existing bookcase into a wine rack using PVC pipes. They do not discuss building the bookcase but do show first with pictures and second with written instructions how to build a wine rack in a bookcase. See the second link below for the written instructions. The instructions are down the page a little under the heading PVC Wine Rack.

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DIY Wine Rack Video

See the 3:46 minute DIY Wine Rack Video version of the video above. - Building Wine Racks - Videos & Articles

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DIY Wine Rack Project
DIY Wine Rack Ideas

The DIY Ideas website has this interesting Modern Wine Storage Rack Plans for intermediate woodworkers. This winerack has 4 levels and can hold over 24 wine bottles and many wineglasses and wine accessories. You build two 16x16x16 inch wine rack boxes and two 32x16x14 inch rectangular boxes for wine accessories. Once built these boxes are placed in a sturdy metal pipe frame which you also build. They suggest using Baltic Birch Plywood for an attractive modern look.

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Build a Wine Rack and Glass Holder
Make a Wine Rack and Glass Holder has this woodworking plan for Building a Wine Bottle Rack with a Wine Glass Holder. This DIY Wine Cabinet holds 13 wine bottles and 12 wine glasses. The author suggests you use maple or oak for the wine cabinet if you want to stain it. This winerack plan has a recommended tools and materials list and would be good for an intermediate woodworker. There are 10 pages of instructions with pictures for this plan. See the link below to the Wine & Glass Rack Design Diagram PDF also.

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Inexpensive Swedish Style Winerack
Cheap Swedish Style Wine Rack has a great Ikea Style Wine Rack Plan. This winerack as shown can hold 96 wine bottles. Some people question whether this rack can hold that much weight? You will have to decide what you think. You could make this rack shorter for more stability. Either way this is a very inexpensive and functional wine rack for your wine cellar or closet. The author has a good tools list, material list, 9 steps of written instructions with many pictures of the building process.

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Wine Rack Ideas Photo
Wine Rack Ideas

The WineRack Shop has this great brochure of wine racks that will give a woodworker plenty of ideas for building wine racks. They have decorative wine racks, corner wine racks, stackable wine racks, double deep wine racks and many other designs. There are no building plans in this brochure but there are many wine storage ideas.

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Wine Rack with Tray Photo
Wine Rack with Tray

This 20 Winebottle Rack Plan has a removable tray attached to the top for serving your guests. This one page article from Popular Mechanics has good diagrams and instructions. The instructions are a bit sparse so you will have to ad lib this one a bit.

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Wine Store Wineshelf Plans
Wine Store Wine Shelf Plans

If you want an attractive Wine Display Shelf here are some nice free plans. The author has over 80 pictures detailing the steps he used to build this wine store wine shelf. There are no materials or cut list with these plans so you will need to ad lib. I would say this wine shelf design idea would be for an intermediate woodworker.

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Wood Wine Rack Plans
Wooden Wine Rack Plans

Craftsman Space has this Wooden Modular Wine Rack Plan in a 13 page PDF file. This rack can be placed in your kitchen, living room or behind your bar. You can adjust the number of cells to fit a specific space in your home. There are three types of body dowels; a corner body dowel, an external body dowel and an internal body dowel. These various body dowels are then connected together with wooden rails to make the cells. Also you can adjust the rail lengths for different size wine bottles. This plan has good building instructions and assembly diagrams. The measurements are all in metric.

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Hanging Wine Rack Plans
Wire Hanging Wine Rack

Mag Ruffman of Home has these Hanging Wine Rack Plans for the do it yourselfer. She mainly uses bronze wire screen, wooden dowels, brass acorn nuts, and brass grommets to build this DIY Wine Rack. There is a materials and tool list, step by step instructions, and over 30 building pictures for this 9 bottle hanging winerack plan.

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A Wine Rack that Lasts Photo
A Wine Rack that Lasts

This 120 Wine Bottle Rack Plan from Popular Science basically just has a building diagram and finished picture. There are minimal building instructions and no material or tool list. However the diagram is good and an intermediate woodworker should be able to put these Large Wine Rack Plans together.

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Unique Simple Wine Rack
Unique Wine Rack

This 7 Bottle Table Top Wine Rack Plan from Popular Mechanics has a cool retro look. It is relatively simple to make. This single page plan has two pictures and some design diagrams. There are brief written instructions with this plan. The author suggests using 3/8 inch plywood.

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